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12 Dog Breeds that Get Along with Other Dogs

Group of dogs sitting side by side in the snow

As pet owners, we often worry that if we get a new dog will be compatible with the fur babies we already have? Some dog breeds just naturally get along better with other dogs. Here are 12 Dog Breeds that Get Along with Other Dogs.


Barbet dog sitting in snow with trees in background

This French water dog was bred to locate and retrieve birds (waterfowls) for hunters. The webbed feet of this breed prove their effectiveness in the water. In addition to that, they do exceedingly well in agility competitions.

Although Barbets are very rare (around 600 in the world), they are quite social. The joyful nature of these canines allows them to get along with other dog breeds.


2 Bolognese dogs sitting side by side in the grass

This companion breed hails from Italy and loves to spend time with their family. Although a Bolognese can be a little shy, to begin with, he/she can warm up really quickly. The intelligent and comical personality of this dog is a little too much to resist.

Bolognese are extremely calm around kids which makes them ideal for a family with children. Similarly, they are good at making friends with other dogs in the house.

English Foxhound

4 English Foxhound side by side with people in the background

The name itself suggests that this breed was developed to hunt foxes in England. Nowadays, they are very popular family companions in different parts of the world. Their hunting background gave them the social skills that were needed to adjust in a domestic setup.

Being pack animals, English Foxhounds prefer to have other dogs around them. If they are the only pet in a home, they may develop destructive habits. For this reason, a multi-dog household is simply the most suitable habitat for these canines.  


Adult Goldendoodle with puppy

This designer dog is the result of a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. Their adorable appearance perfectly complements their excellent social skills. This hybrid breed has a playful and loving nature which earned them a spot in the list of family dogs. The fact that they can get along with other dogs, as well as kids, is a massive attraction for many people.

Great Dane

Great Dane standing in field with boston terrier

The phrase, “large but noble” is the best possible way to describe this breed. Also known as the “Apollo of Dogs”, this German breed holds the record for being the tallest dog ever. A Great Dane called Zeus was measured at 111.8 cm from paw to shoulder.

In contrast to their intimidating size, Great Danes are one of the best-natured dogs. They love to play with children and other dogs. This is the reason why these gentle giants are a popular domestic breed.

Great Pyrenees

2 Great Pyrenees side by side on the beach

This powerful working dog was developed to protect sheep, goats, and livestock on snowy mountains. Although they do have a vigilant nature, Great Pyrenees can be trained to trust their families. Once you win them over, they will give you unconditional love and will guard your home. Likewise, they are absolutely gentle with other dog breeds and will enjoy the playtime with them.

In addition to their loyalty, the beautiful thick coat and intelligence of this dog make it a complete family package.


Maltipoo sitting in grass

A Maltipoo is obtained by crossbreeding a Maltese and a Poodle. The affectionate nature of these dogs makes them a popular domestic alternative. Similarly, their playful and charming personalities attract people towards them.

Last but not least, Maltipoos are able to adjust in all kinds of families due to their adaptability. Whether you have small children or other dogs, these canines will make their place at your home.

These cute balls of fur are not perceived as an independent breed by the AKC. Instead, they are considered a combination of two recognized breeds.


2 Puggles sitting in front of painted flower background

Puggle is another hybrid breed on the list which is a mix of the Pug and Beagle. Generally, they inherit the best qualities of both their parents to constitute friendly and playful canines. This enables them to formulate good relations with other dogs at home.

However, it is critical to train Puggles properly because of their powerful stature. They can intimidate smaller dog breeds with their aggression if the hunting instincts of a Beagle takes over. On the other hand, larger dogs may snap at them for being a little too naughty.  

Saint Bernard

closeup of 2 Saint Bernards

These gigantic dogs were originally bred to rescue lost or injured travelers from the western Alps in Italy and Switzerland. Owing to their sweet nature, they are one of the most beloved family dogs around the globe. The watchful and careful behavior of Saints with children and other dogs is a key factor for their popularity.

Other than being family companions, this versatile breed has shown great excellence in a number of fields. Some of them include drafting, obedience trials, and weight-pulling competitions.  


2 Samoyed sitting side by side on a dark grey couch with yellow pillows

The nomadic reindeer herders of Siberia developed this dog breed for herding purposes. The double-layered white coat of a Samoyed perfectly complements the friendly personality of this large dog. They are among the most talkative breeds who won’t miss any opportunity to communicate with other dogs. Therefore, they tend to indulge in a friendly relationship with other canines in the house.

The only problem with these dogs is that they have a natural instinct to chase other animals. This can create a problem if the dog is not trained properly.

Siberian Husky

2 Siberian Husky sitting side by side in snow.

This medium-sized working breed is quite popular for towing sleds over snowy mountains. This habit of working together allows them to get along with other dogs. The fact that Huskies have a natural instinct to stay in packs also helps the cause.

Having said that, Huskies can have some problems with smaller dogs and other animals. The reason for this is their hunting instinct as they survive in extremely cold conditions. Consequently, you must socialize and train your Husky properly if you have smaller pets at home.   


2 Whippets standing in grass outdoors.

These athletic dogs descended from Greyhounds and originated in England. The calm and affectionate nature of a Whippet combines perfectly with its lean body. The playful attitude of this breed makes it popular among other dogs who find it a great companion.

They have a sufficient amount of energy and can cope with most dogs. However, they do prefer a lazy nap after a rigorous playing session. Therefore, they may not be suitable for hyperactive breeds.

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