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Where Can Puppies Get Fleas?

Fluffy brown and white puppy scratching

Fleas Are Everywhere

You may think they are not or that you got them all, but you may have forgotten about their eggs and larvae. Those two stages of flea life are hard to kill at times as most products may not work on them.

Puppies can get fleas from the same places adult dogs get them. There is no special flea location for puppies. If you find an infestation, kill the whole lot to protect your puppies. They are very vulnerable to fleas and flea bites.

Is it Normal for Puppies to Have Fleas?

Black and white puppy crouched in grass

Yes, it is very normal for puppies to get fleas. Even if you have taken great care to rid your home of those pesky little creatures, your puppy will still attract fleas. This is so because fleas look for dog and cat hosts to feed off of.

If you let your puppy outside for a short time, fleas will find it eventually. Or if your adult dogs go where fleas are, they can bring those fleas to their young pups as well. It is not normal for puppies to have those fleas on them at some point.

The trick is to find them quickly and dispose of those fleas before they make your puppy sick. The immune system of puppies is not fully developed and there can be complications if the wrong flea bites your little cute puppy.

Take the time to search for those fleas regularly. By getting rid of the adults fast, you can lower the number of eggs the flea will lay.

Where Do Puppies Get Fleas From?

Closeup of a flea against a white background.

There is an innumerable amount of sources where puppies get fleas. One place you may not realize is you. If you were out in the garden and brushed against a flea-infested plant, you could bring them into your home and to your pet.

Puppies can get fleas from their mother or their bedding. These are common areas where fleas will be attracted to. That is not all, as puppies can get fleas from your furniture, bedding, or carpets.

You may have missed a few when you cleaned those spots and when your puppy wanders by or is placed on a sofa, etc., the fleas will jump aboard. The sad fact is that fleas will show up again in the exact same spots you have thoroughly cleaned.

The eggs will eventually hatch, and the larvae will eventually grow into adult fleas and be there even though you used great flea-killing products. It is just a fact of life when you own pets.

Can Puppies Get Fleas from Grass?

Brown dog with a white patch on its chest, sitting in grass and scratching its ear with his hind leg

Yes, they can. The grass provides the right environment for fleas to hide and live. If the grass is long, you can expect to find a lot of fleas in the area. Then, if you have a fireplace or like outdoor fires, your woodpile can have a lot of fleas living there.

Fleas are just about everywhere, and they do wait for the host to walk by before transferring to their new home. Even the best flea protection does not stop fleas from leaping onto a puppy or adult dog.

The fleas will arrive in your yard from various sources. Usually, other animals will bring them in when they wander into your yard. Or they may come in by hitchhiking on your clothes.

You would have to walk by some areas that have fleas. They will leap aboard your pant legs and enjoy the ride.

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Can Puppies Get Fleas From Each Other?

4 Dachshund puppies side by side on a white background.

Yes, this is a possibility. One of the puppy’s brothers or sisters can walk by some flea-infested area and get a lot of jumping on him or her.

Then when they play together, the fleas can easily transfer to another puppy. If your home is well-taken care of and you are employing great flea defenses, this may be a rare occasion but it can happen.

When you find fleas on your puppy, take the right steps to eradicate them. This means you need to use puppy-friendly anti-flea solutions. Not every anti-flea product is safe for a puppy so you have to be careful.

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Some Final Words

Close up of a tan puppy with its nose pressed to the nose of a tan adult dog.

Taking care of your puppies can be a full-time job. The flea issue alone accounts for many hours of careful work. As long as you know where the fleas might come from, you can take the right anti-flea measures and rid your home and yard of these hard to get rid of creatures.

While it is an ongoing war, you can win more battles than you lose when you use the right defenses.

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