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What Do Pugs Eat?

Pug laying in front of a brick wall licking its lips

Everyone wants their dog to be healthy as well as get the right food to keep them strong. It can take some work to find the best dog food for your Pug as there are so many to choose from including making your own.

What makes finding the right food so difficult is that there are so many food items your dog may not be able to eat. These food items are great for humans but can be poisonous to your pug, like chocolate.

Foods your Pug can eat will be almost any commercial dry dog food on the market today.

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What Food Can A Pug Eat?

As long as your dog does not have an allergy or two, there is a long list of items that your dog can eat. The first one is one of the many dry dog food options on your grocer’s shelves. These dog food options are specially formulated to bring your dog the best nutrition possible.

Second, on this list will be the cans of moist dog food. These are also filled with nutritious ingredients and most dogs love eating canned dog food. But be careful as your Pug can gain a little weight from the extra calories and fat found in this dog food option.

Third, you can make your own dog food using beef or one of the many beef alternatives. There is pork, chicken, lamb, and even turkey you can ground up with cooked potatoes or some other carbohydrate and make a great meal for your pet.

There are also bones, fruits, and vegetables that your Pug can eat. If you do not like the cost of commercial dog food, there are plenty of alternatives you can find.

What Should A Pug Eat In A Day?

Pug with an overflowing food bowl on a white background

It goes without saying that you need to provide them with a nutritious meal every time you feed your Pug. This can be wet, dry, or homemade dog food. You may want to mix it up to give your dog a variety of items to eat each day.

The key is to know how often should you feed your Pug. This dog breed is known for having a big appetite so it is up to you to monitor how much food you feed your Pug and how often.

Puppies need between 3 to 4 meals a day to facilitate their development. But at the 6-month mark, you can cut that back to 3 meals a day. Then at the 12-month mark, you can cut their meals back to 2 a day

You are free to design the menu as you see fit but make sure never to include any food items harmful to your pet.

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What Do Pugs Like the Most?

Pug with eyes closed with pizza in front of it

Each dog is different and their favorite food items will vary. It will depend on how picky your dog gets. However, most Pugs like to eat anything as long as it tastes good.

You can feed your pet dry dog food or moist dog food, or you can create your own homemade dog food and feed it to your Pug for as long as they enjoy it. When you are making your own you can mix up the menu and provide your Pug with different favorite foods each day.

Some ideas would be a raw diet that includes broccoli. This is a super food for both dogs and humans. Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, etc, not only taste good, they are extremely healthy for your pet.

The best thing to do is feed your dog different food items and see which ones they enjoy the most.

What Are Pugs Not Allowed To Eat?

Pool of chocolate with a piece of chocolate bar in it.

The list can be long here and you really have to be careful what type of human food you feed your pug. While it tastes great to you and smells great to him or her, you are putting your dog at risk if you feed them too much of these food items.

  • – chocolate
  • – onions, garlic, leeks, and chives- or anything in the allium food family
  • – xylitol, no matter which food item it is found in and that can be peanut butter as well
  • – candy and other sweets
  • – corn on the cob- because the cob can get stuck in their throats
  • – avocado, grapes, and raisins- these food items contain ingredients poisonous to dogs
  • – macadamia nuts & walnuts- can cause diarrhea, sickness, and the possibility of canine pancreatitis, if too much is eaten
  • -cherry, peach & plum pits
  • – mustard seeds
  • – coconut and coconut oil
  • – alcohol
  • – foods with high sugar, and sodium content, fatty foods

This is just the start of this list. There will be more that we have not touched on.

Some Final Words

Pug looking up at a bowl of strawberries in a table

Pugs will eat a lot of the same foods that other dog breeds eat. The trick is finding which food items your dog prefers. You can always alternate between commercially made food and homemade to make sure your dog has variety and all the nutrition they need.

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