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Are Pugs Good With Kids?

Side view of a boy with his arm around a pug looking out of a window

There are some dog breeds that are great with kids. Then, there are those dog breeds that do not have the patience for what kids do. This question, are Pugs good with kids, is a serious one as parents are not sure of how one will behave with the other.

The good news is that most Pugs are very good with kids and love to be around them. They enjoy playing just like kids do, plus, their personalities and temperament are perfect for most kids.

Pugs were bred to be a companion dog so that is one characteristic in favor of getting a Pug for your children to play with. Also, Pugs are not that aggressive, for the most part, so getting a pug when you have small children is a good thing.

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Is A Pug A Good Family Dog?

For the most part, the answer is yes they are. The reason we say ‘for the most part’ is that you need to socialize your dog well for them to be excellent family dogs. Unsocialized Pugs can be a bit aggressive toward others.

Here are some traits that make Pugs great family dogs:

  1. They are smart, learn quickly, and are very friendly but they need to be socialized first.
  2. They do not bite that much. This is partially due to their flatter faces and shorter muzzle. If they bite it is not that strong or harmful.
  3. They are a passive dog breed making them ideal for many family situations.
  4. Pugs love to cuddle so that is an extraordinary characteristic that is perfect for families.
  5. They tend to get along with other pets in the house.
  6. Pugs are very quiet dogs, rarely barking. This trait means they won’t wake the children from their naps. In addition to all of this, the dog’s small size means they are not a danger to your smaller children. Their sturdy frame helps them endure rough play from you or your kids.

Are Pugs Good With Little Kids?

Small girl and a pug laying on a rug facing each other

This is another question that comes with a positive answer. As you just read, their small size means your kids should not be afraid of this dog breed. Then the fact that they do not bite that hard or very often, means your children can play with your Pug and not worry about getting hurt.

Other traits that make the Pug good with children are as follows:

  1. They are playful- They can help entertain your children for long periods of time giving you a chance to rest or get dinner ready.
  2. Pugs are gentle dogs- They seem to understand the fragile nature of babies and do not do anything that would harm the child.
  3. Pugs do not display unpredictable behavior- That is good as you do not have to worry about how your Pug will treat your smaller children.
  4. This dog breed is laid back- That means that they are able to handle most of the treatment your child sends their way. They take it all in stride and do not respond in an aggressive way.
  5. They are very loyal dogs- They stick to you and your children like glue. Their nickname is Velcro dog because of how much they will stick to you or your kids.
  6. They do not bark- This means they won’t scare smaller children, including babies. They are a quiet dog that has other ways of warning you of danger, etc.

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Creating Rules For Your Children

Small boy sitting on the floor against a wall with a pug puppy by his side

This may not always be necessary but kids sometimes forget their boundaries and go too far. When this happens, the Pug can get hurt. You want to set up some ground rules for your children so both the Pug and the kids play nicely together.

  1. Do not play with the dog without permission.
  2. No pulling on the tail, ears, or folded skin. This action can hurt the pug.
  3. Stay off the dog. Riding on its back can hurt the spine as well as the joints of the Pug.
  4. Do not scare the dog and this can be done by yelling or barking at them.
  5. Never run at the dog but approach them slowly from the front. Let your Pug smell your hand first before interacting with them.
  6. Never play or touch the dog when they are eating or drinking. This is one time the dogs will bite their masters.
  7. Do not squeeze the Pug. This may harm its fragile breathing system.
  8. Do not run too much with the dog as this could overheat them.

Pugs are small and they need protection as well.

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Some Final Words

Young boy and a pug laying on a couch, sleeping

Pugs are one of the best dog breeds for families with smaller children. They are fun-loving, playful and very loyal pets to have. They love being with their families.

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