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What Happens If You Shave a Husky?

Siberian Husky standing in a grass field

Shedding season is never any fun. When shedding season hits, and that is usually twice a year, your home could be mistaken for a grooming parlor. There is so much fur lying about; your home just never looks clean.

If you own a husky, your home may never look clean as you are not supposed to shave any husky. They are double-coated dogs, and they need both coats to remain healthy.

One reason why you do not shave a husky’s fur is that it may not grow back. Then your pet will have trouble throughout its life. Double coats are very important in keeping your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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These Are Double Coated Dogs

Those are the keywords when you think about grooming your husky. Any dog with a double coat should not be trimmed or shaved, especially in the summer months.

Dogs do not sweat, nor do they have skin pigmentation that helps them stay cool when the weather gets hot. Their skin is very sensitive, and too much exposure to the sun or a lack of fur protecting their bodies opens your husky up to contracting different diseases.

Here are four more reasons why you should not shave your husky:

Temperature Control

Your husky’s body temperature is regulated by its coat. BY shaving it off, your pet has no control over its body heat. This could lead to overheating, which is always bad for your dog.

When your pet sheds its undercoat, this allows for better air circulation, helping them stay cool during the hottest of days.

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It Doesn’t Stop The Shedding

Person pulling shedded dog fur out of a brush

Probably another most important point that should cause you to pause when you are thinking of shaving their coat. You may not like the fallen hair lying all over your home, but even shaving your dog’s coat will not stop shedding from taking place.

In other words, shaved or not, your home will look like all the fur relatives from around the world stopped in for a visit.

It Opens Your Pet To Dirt And Insects

When you shave their coat, all you are doing is making your dog more vulnerable to insects and dirt. Their top coat keeps both away from their skin and protects them from insect bites.

Those bites can bring disease, so you are doing yourself and your pet a favor by not shaving their double coat.

It May Not Return

Dog grooming tools on a blue background

Once you shave that top coat, it may not return, leaving just the undercoat to handle all the chores. Or if the top coat does grow back, it is altered and may have a rough texture, feel sticky or mix with the undercoat.

When that happens, the air circulation your dog needs to stay cooler does not get to your dog’s body. It is blocked by the rough texture and kept away from your pet. This is why your dog may get some health issues. They are just not protected that well.

The Duty Of The Top Coat

Siberian Husky sitting on a stump in the woods

This top layer of your husky is not there to cause you trouble and shed all over the place. Instead, it has some important duties to perform. Those duties are:

Repels dirt

Repels water

Repels the sun’s rays

Repels insects and parasites

Often the topcoat is called guard hair as they do guard your dog 24 7. Removing that protection is never a good idea. Even though their fur does not look like it, they do let body heat escape to the air all the time, every day.

The Duty Of The Undercoat

Portrait of a Siberian Husky with 2 different eye colors

This coat does not have as many duties as the top coat. You can basically say it only has one major duty to perform. That duty is that the undercoat protects your dog from extreme temperatures.

As long as your dog has its undercoat, it can go outside whenever it is extremely hot or when it is extremely cold. Not always a good idea, though, to let your dog go out in those temperatures.

No matter what, you will want to keep those two coats intact and without modification. It is the best way to protect your puppy.

Some Final Words

Siberian Husky laying in grass with trees in the background

Shedding is never any fun, but when you love your pet, you do not put him or her at risk. Keep both coats on your dog, and just sweep up their loose fur with a smile.

You can smile because you know your dog is being protected by both coats of fur.

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