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What Does a Husky Look Like?

Siberian Husky laying in grass

If you think that the gray and white or the black and white fur color is the only color a husky comes in, then you would be missing out on some other nice husky looks.

One version is so rare you may not have seen it yet. It was bred in New Hampshire and comes in a nice brown coat color. But it can also sport the tan, white, black, gray, or buff colors at the same time.

In other words, your husky will look like a wolf or a regular dog, depending on which version you have purchased. Some versions, like the Malamute and Siberian Husky, look very similar to each other. They have that nice coyote face everyone is used to seeing.

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What Is the Rarest Husky Eye Color

Close up of the face of a Siberian Husky

There are two rare eye colors for the husky dog breed. These eye colors may not be a part of the rare husky called the Chinook Dog. The husky breed can have one of 5 different colored eyes.

Those colors are blue, brown, green, bi-eyed, and parti. Blue & brown are the most common eye colors you will see. They make up 40% each out of 100%, so 80% of huskies have eyes in these two colors.

Next up is the bi-eyed husky eye color. This is where your dog will have two different colors, one in each eye. About 10% of huskies are born bi-eyed. The rarest husky eye colors are green and parti. They make up about 5% each of the total dog eye colors.

The last eye color, parti, describes the two colors in one eye. This happens, as we said, in 5% of all births of husky puppies. This range of eye colors can give your new husky puppy a unique look other dog breeds do not have.

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The 8 husky versions

3 Siberian Husky puppies laying in grass

When breeders get tired of a certain dog breed, they can let their creativity and imagination go as they explore new ways to get different characteristics in new dog versions.

So far, they have come up with 8 different husky versions, with a couple you may not consider to be true huskies.

1. Alaskan Malamute– Can be hard to handle for 1st-time dog owners. They come with brown eyes, weigh up to 100 pounds, and can reach 26 inches high

2. Siberian Husky– This version is not your guard dog type. It is too friendly and may help burglars find your stuff and carry it out for them. They only weigh up to 60 pounds and reach 23 inches, and can come with different eye colors

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3. Samoyed Husky– Its pure white color sets it apart from other husky versions. It is both a working and family dog which keeps aggression to a minimum. It is smaller than the Siberian Husky, but not by much.

4. Labrador Husky– No, this is not a mix between the Lab and a husky. It is its own version, and it looks more like a wolf than the other versions. This husky version is best to own when you have no other pets.

5. Miniature Husky– This option weighs up to only 35 pounds, but they can come in black & white, Gray & white, or red & white coat colors. Not as active as their larger cousins, but very loving and loyal pets.

6. Greenland Dog– A larger husky version, this dog can reach up to 27 inches high and weigh in the neighborhood of 75 pounds. A good family pet, you have to watch out for its stubborn personality. You need to be the boss at all times.

7. Alaskan Husky– Taller but lighter than the Siberian Husky, this version of the husky clan can run very fast. Usually, it has brown eyes and looks more like a wolf than a husky. Its coat can be different colors as well.

8. Chinook Dog– A taller version as it too can reach up to 27 inches high and weighs in the neighborhood of 90 pounds. Their reputation is that they are well-tempered dogs, very dignified and intelligent. They are also calm and friendly

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Some Final Words

2 adult Siberian Huskies standing in snow

Looks aren’t everything, but if they are important to you, then the Husky dog breed has the looks. They are very good-looking dogs that also have intelligence as well as loyalty to their masters. If you want to be unique, then go for the rare dog, the Chinook, as it might come with green or parti eyes making it extremely rare. But very beautiful.

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