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How To Cook Carrots for Dogs

Yellow lab with a carrot in its mouth

They are not just for smart rabbits!!

One of the treats you always saw Bugs Bunny munching on was a carrot. It gave the impression that smart rabbits were smart because they ate carrots.

Well, carrots are nutritious and a good vegetable for your dog to eat. They contain vitamins A, C, K, B6, and E and are low in calories. The question is how to make them a nice treat for your dog to eat.

The easiest way to provide carrots for your dog is to slice them into bite-sized pieces and then boil or steam them. Just make sure your dog likes carrots before you feed any to him or her.

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Can I Give My Dog Carrots?

Yes, you can, and if you do, you are giving your dog some beta-carotene, a very powerful antioxidant that can help your dog fight off different diseases. Plus, you are giving your pet a whole array of vitamins, including vitamin A, which helps them stay strong and healthy.

But it is best not to give your dog raw carrots. While the human stomach can digest this raw vegetable, a dog’s digestive system cannot break the carrots down and benefit from them.

When you give your dog this vegetable, make sure to cook them and soften the bits and pieces up. Then your dog’s stomach can retrieve all the nutrition inside and distribute the nutrients to where they are needed most.

Carrots are also low in calories. They have about 25 of them, and this keeps your dog from getting too many calories each day. Watching what your dog eats is one of the major keys to keeping them in great health.

When you go to cook them, pick the best method for your time schedule. Some methods take longer than others to prepare the carrots and get them ready to eat.

How Many Carrots Can I Give My Dog?

A bunch of carrots with green tops on a wooden surface

You never want to give your pet too much of a good thing. When you do, that good thing turns into something bad and turns you off from giving your dog healthy treats.

When it comes to carrots, you should not give them more than 3/4 of a cup per day. In grams, that is about 20. But play this by ear, as the amount you can serve may vary between dog size, breed, and age.

While it is recommended that you give your dog carrots, and you can give them up to 20 grams per day, it is also recommended not to give them this vegetable every day.

Carrots are said to be high in sugar, and too much sugar is not good for your pet. Some of the health problems that can occur if you feed your dog this vegetable every day are obesity and diabetes. There may be other health issues as well.

It is rare for a dog to have a carrot allergy, but sometimes they will have one, and then they will get diarrhea. To be on the safe side, pick the days when you will provide this vegetable as a treat to your dog.

It is best to mix up the serving of fruits and vegetables, so your dog gets a balanced diet and not too much of one good thing. Giving them the right amount of carrots will help your dog’s digestive system work better.

Finally, if you see undigested carrots in your dog’s stool, do not panic. That is normal unless you see signs of an illness in your dog. Then take your dog to the vet to find out what is wrong.

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How To Cook Carrots For Your Dog

Cubed carrots in a bowl on a cutting board with carrots in the background

1. Grate Or Peel Them– When you are making carrots for you and your family, save the peels and mash or puree those peels. Then feed them to your pet.

2. Juice Those Carrots– That is, if your dog prefers liquids to solid food.

3. Steam Them– This takes a little longer to do but in the end, having a healthy dog is worth this effort. Use a steamer or a pot to get those carrots cooked right.

4. Boil Them– The key is to get those carrots nice and soft so your dog’s stomach can digest them. Just make sure to never use seasoning or spices when you cook them.

5. Bake Them– Make your own treat dog treats by adding grated carrots to whole wheat flour. Make the combination into a dough and then bake them at 350 degrees F for 12 minutes.

Some Final Words

Close ups of carrots in the ground

You really do not have to buy commercial dog treats to reward your dog. Just share your carrots with your pet. Feeding them soft carrots is a great way to keep your dog on a healthy lifestyle journey.

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