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How To Cook Eggs for Dogs

Eggs in a bowl with hay and feathers on a wooden surface

When you are in a hurry, cooking an egg for your pet is a great way to start their day. Eggs are not only healthy for you to eat, but they are also healthy for your dog. They contain lots of protein and other nutrients to help your pet grow strong and stay healthy.

You can cook your dog’s egg in the same manner as you cook your own. However, like cooking steak, leave the salt and other seasonings out of the recipe. Boiled is okay, so I s fried eggs, but do not feed your dog raw eggs.

Those uncooked eggs can give your dog salmonella and other bacteria. Protect your dog’s health so that they live longer and provide you with better companionship.

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How To Cook Eggs For Dogs With Diarrhea

When your pet suffers from diarrhea, feeding them well-cooked eggs is a way to help solve that digestive problem. The eggs are bland and very easy for your dog to digest.

Those qualities make them ideal for your dog’s stomach. They are also gentle on your dog’s digestive system and pack a lot of proteins to help calm their stomachs.

There are a couple of things you should be aware of before you feed your dog eggs when they are sick with diarrhea. One, there is no cure for this ailment. No matter if you feed them eggs or other food items, the diarrhea will come back at another time.

It just depends on what your dog ate at the time. Eggs should not cause this ailment unless you add spices, etc. Two, most dog owners report having success with stopping diarrhea when they fed their pets eggs. There is no proven research to back up those claims.

You may have success when you feed your dog eggs and stop diarrhea, or you may not. It may depend on what is actually causing this ailment. When you go to cook your dog a nice dish of eggs, make it scrambled and leave out the oil, milk, and butter.

Keep the scrambled eggs as bland as possible.

Can I Give My Dog Eggs?

over head view of 2 sunny side up eggs in a cast iron skillet and a black and white chihuahua on wood floors

Yes, you can give your dog eggs, but you should cook them first and not feed them too many each day. Raw eggs are not as healthy for your pets despite what Rocky did in the movies.

You may be able to handle raw eggs, but your pet is a bit different from you. Make sure to cook their eggs, and you can cook them just as you would like them yourself. Except for leaving out the extra ingredients. Feed them nothing but cooked eggs

Do not worry; your dog will generally love their eggs bland. If your dog doesn’t like the eggs, your pet just may not like the taste. That is normal. Also, your dog may not feel like eating anything new when they are sick with diarrhea.

It is also possible that your dog may experience an allergic reaction when eating eggs. It happens, and this is normal as well. Be careful when feeding your sick dog eggs. You want them to get better, not make things worse for him or her.

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How Much Egg Can I Give My Dog?

a flat of multicolored eggs on rustic wood surface

It is possible to hear dissenting opinions on this topic. Some people will say that you should only feed your pet 1 egg per day, while other dog owners say that 2 per day is okay.

Eggs are always easy to cook, even for dogs. You can fry them, scramble the eggs, boil them or serve them sunny side up. Just make sure not to make these eggs according to your tastes.

You want to serve your pet bland, seasoning-free eggs all the time, no matter how you cook them. The seasoning is not good for your dog, especially if you like adding garlic and onions to them.

Then surprisingly, small dogs can handle eggs better than large dogs can. While your Yorkie may eat two a day with no problem, your Golden Retriever may be only able to eat one per day or one every 2 days.

This is an area where smaller dogs have it over on larger ones. Also, you can feed your dog egg shells. Just make sure to crush them up, so they do not get stuck in their throats or intestines.

Eggshells replace calcium supplements but talk to your vet to make sure. It will depend on the breed of dog you own and other factors.

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Some Final Words

Plates of eggs cooked in a variety of ways on a wooden surface

Eggs are a healthy food for both humans and dogs. The key is, as it is with every other food item, to feed eggs to your pet in moderation. Then make sure they are well-cooked before putting those eggs in your dog’s food dish.

Scrambled is the best way to serve eggs but make sure to leave the milk and other ingredients out.

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