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How To Cook Steak for Dogs

Steak on a grill

Meat is good. No matter what other people say, feeding red meat to your dog is one way to give him or her the nutrition they need. Plus, it is a great way to treat your dog after a week of good behavior.

The way to cook meat can be by grilling, boiling, frying, or even baking or roasting it. Steak can be cooked in a variety of ways. The key is to NOT put any spices on the meat.

Spices or seasonings are not healthy for your pet, including salt, onions, and garlic. Keep those spices away from your pet, so your dog does not get sick. Don’t worry; your dog will love bland steak and probably will have it eaten before you take the pan to the kitchen sink.

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Can I Give My Dog Steak?

Yes, you can, and there are so many ways that you can serve steak to your dog; they should not get bored of this treat. Another key is not to prepare their steak when you are preparing yours.

Their bodies are not designed to handle all the extra flavoring you put on your steak, so it is best to cook their steak separately from yours. You do not even have to cook it till it is well done.

Your dog will love a medium, medium rare, medium well, and even well-done steak, so you have lots of cooking methods to choose from. You should consider feeding your dog some steak from time to time.

This meat is filled with protein for energy and fatty acids, including Omega 6 for healthier skin and coats, as well as joint health. Then, you can even give your dog the bone and let them brush its teeth on that delicious snack.

Steak is an all-around winner of a treat or reward for your good dog.

How Much Steak Can I Give My Dog?

Grilled steaks on a cutting board

Everything is in moderation. You do not want to give your pet too much steak at any given time. They may reject their regular food and wait till you provide them with some steak instead.

While steak is healthy for your pet, it is never a good idea to give them too much. Regulate the amount you feed your dog as well as the number of times you serve him or her steak.

You can make steak treats for your pet instead of feeding them this meat at mealtime. Use it as a reward when your dog has obeyed everything you have taught it.

Generally, though, it is up to your judgment on how much to feed them. Giving your pet too much steak can lead to their becoming overweight so make sure to cut back if they are getting a little heavy around the middle.

Again, as a reminder, make sure not to add anything to the meat you feed your pet. Bland is good in this case.

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How To Cook Steak For Your Pet

2 raw steaks on a round of wood

The good news is that you can use any cooking method you like to prepare your dog’s steak. You can choose between grilling, baking, roasting, boiling, and frying.

After picking your method, resist the temptation to add salt or other spices and sauces to the meat. These are not healthy for your pet to eat, and it is best to leave them off the cooking process.

When cooking the steak, it is recommended that you cook the meat to medium well. This is supposed to kill all the bacteria and germs found in cow meat. Steak is not as bad as pork, so you do not have to cook the steak until it is well done.

Once you are finished cooking the steak, let it cool first before serving. Since dogs do not blow on their food to cool it, it is best to cool it for them. Don’t worry; your dog won’t complain when served cold steak.

Also, make sure to wash your hands first before cooking the meat. Then follow proper thawing procedures to make sure your dog’s portion does not get any new germs etc., on it.

Then go for low-fat steak or if you can’t avoid having fat on it, cut the fat away first, then cook it up.

Some Final Words

perfectly grilled steak on a slate background

You may face a lot of criticism about feeding steak or any meat to your dog but do not listen to it. This food option is very healthy for your pet and provides them with enough protein and other nutrients to keep them nice and healthy.

Just prepare it right and leave off the seasoning, so your dog does not suffer from any side effects that those seasoning additions bring. Then serve the steak in moderation. You have lots of time to serve your pet this meat as it takes some time before the cooked meat goes bad.

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