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How To Cook Chicken Gizzards for Dogs

Raw chicken gizzards on a white plate

Chicken gizzards do not sound like something appetizing to eat. But there is a better solution than tossing those animal parts in the trash. Just feed them to your dog.

You will have to cook them first before you do feed them to your dog, but your pet won’t mind. All you have to do is soak the gizzards for two hours, then fry them up in some dog-safe oil and serve them with rice.

It is a quick way to give your dog a special meal. Plus, your dog will get the nutrients they need. The key is to not season those gizzards with anything and do not add onions or garlic to the pan. Just plain chicken gizzards for your pet.

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Can I Give My Dog Chicken Gizzards?

Yes, you can. The good part of serving these animal parts to your pet is that they can be prepared in the same way you cook your chicken, Except that your dog’s gizzards have to be made without any additives but with dog-safe oil.

No spices, milk, butter, onions, or garlic should be in the frying pan as you are cooking those gizzards. You want this meal to be healthy for your pet, not give them stomach problems.

That means you can fry, boil, steam, roast, or even dehydrate chicken gizzards before feeding them to your pet. Also, you can feed your pet raw chicken gizzards, although you should make sure they are healthy to eat first.

There is a slight risk of your dog getting salmonella poisoning or being given other types of bacteria when you feed them raw gizzards. But even if you decide to feed these gizzards raw, you are still giving your pet a big dose of nutrients.

That is why you do not feed your pet these gizzards every day. Once or twice a week should be sufficient.

How Much Chicken Gizzard Can I Give My Dog?

Chicken gizzard skewers on a pan

As you already know, too much of a good thing is not good for anyone, including pets. It may be tempting to feed your dog a lot because they are small, but that would be a mistake.

These little body parts have more than enough nutrients in them that your dog does not need to eat gizzards every day. But if you want, you can serve them small portions each day.

But if you want to serve them more than a small amount, then opt to give your pet this delicious animal part once or twice a week. You be the judge of what is small or large portions and err on the side of caution.

A good rule of thumb to follow would be to give your pet 10 to 15% of their overall meal in the raw gizzard. That is if you have your dog on a raw food diet.

If you have them on a commercial food diet, then only 10% of the meal should contain gizzards.

You do have options, as you can combine chicken gizzards with other organ meats or make that animal part the sole source of organ meat your pet eats. The choice is up to you on how you serve this food item.

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How To Cook Chicken Gizzards

Raw chicken gizzards in a cast iron skillet

These are not very large body parts, so you may need quite a few to make it worth cooking. However, if you do cook a lot of gizzards, do not serve them all to your pet. Split the amount up and feed them a little each day until the supply runs out.

When you cook them, boiling is the easiest method. Just put water in a pot, turn the burner on and add in the gizzards when the water gets hot. Boil them for about 15 minutes approx.

Or you can saute them in some dog-safe oil. Just make sure to not add any seasoning, spices, onions, garlic, or other vegetables that are toxic to your pet. Your dog will not care that the gizzards are bland

They won’t send their food back because it is not spicy enough. Or you can roast them with the rest of the chicken, but one thing is for sure.

Make sure to cook them thoroughly. After you have finished cooking them, let them cool down before you serve them to your dog.

Some Final Words

Cooked chicken gizzards on an orange plate

Raw or cooked chicken gizzards are very healthy for your pet. There is so much nutrition in a chicken gizzard that you do not have to serve them every day.

Then if your dog has a severe reaction to these gizzards, get them to the vet to find a cure. Make sure to wash these gizzards so you can remove harmful germs, etc.

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