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What Kind of Dog Is a Husky?

husky standing on a rocky outcrop

Whether there are 3, 4, 8, or 12 types, one thing about the husky dog breed, it seems to grow in numbers depending on which expert you talk to. There are all different types of huskies, and they seem to have a few characteristics in common.

One of those characteristics is their look. They all seem to have that wolf-dog look going for them. The other is that most of the husky variations are all bred to be racing dogs or sledders. They love to work, and pulling a sled is second nature to them.

Being a working dog does not diminish their love or loyalty to their masters. They will be great family dogs for the most part, but you better not have smaller pets around, as some love to hunt.

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Huskies Are Sledding Dogs

This is what huskies are known for. Their reputation comes from the Iditarod race for the most part, but they also have been historically known as sled dogs. Put a harness on them and a team of other huskies behind them, and they will pull freight, people, supplies, and more.

They do not seem to have any fear as they brave the wilds and deal with far more fierce animals that walk those woods. Even the Chinook breed, one of the rarest of husky variations, was bred to be a sled dog.

Its duties were done mainly around the Northeastern United States, where snowfalls were deep and remained on the ground for a long time. No matter what happens or how they are bred, they will be known as sled dogs till the end of time.

But this does not mean they are not fun to be with or do not enjoy games. Huskies can be quite mischievous and play tricks on their masters when they are in the mood.

Is A Husky A Wolf Breed Dog?

Pack of wolves outdoors in the forrest

Not exactly. Both the wolf and the husky do have a common ancient ancestor, the Taimyr wolves, and that accounts for similar features. But the husky was not bred with other wolves to create the different breed variations.

The wolf and the husky do share similar DNA but what they do not share is the personalities, the wild nature of the wolf, or the behavior of the wolf. There is quite a bit of difference between these two animals.

Their similar features are what confuses many people, and it is not hard to see how that can happen. If you look closely at the wolf’s head, paws, and teeth, you would see that the wolf is larger than the husky in all three features.

Another difference between the two would be that the husky is easier to train and is more sociable, while the wolf is the exact opposite. The husky can adapt to city life, kennels, and smaller spaces, while the wolf cannot.

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Should First-Time Dog Owners Get A Husky

2 Siberian Huskies in snow

It is recommended that if you have never owned a dog before, you should not buy a husky. They are not the same as other dog breeds and can be very independent. Then their quirky personalities make them very hard to handle at times.

If you are living alone and going to work all day, this is not a good situation for your husky to be in. They need attention and like being part of a pack. They need stimulation to keep them mentally and emotionally fit.

These are the challenges that first-time owners must meet and overcome to be successful in raising their new husky puppy. It would be a good idea to buy two huskies; that way, your puppies will have company until you get home.

If a first-time dog owner has lots of patience, then they may be able to raise their husky pet successfully.

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The Best Husky Breed To Own

Husky laying in snow

This will depend on your personality and family situation. Some husky variations are better with small children than others. If you are not ready to be the alpha dog in the pack, you may be overwhelmed by the disobedient behavior of other husky variations.

For first-time owners, the Alaskan Eskimo dog would be the best option, while the Alaskan Lee kai would be better for those parents with small children. The Malamute is best with children over 5 years of age.

But check them all out, as each dog will be different and fit in with a wide variety of families and living situations.

Some Final Words

Siberian husky laying in grass

If you live on a farm or ranch, then you need a good work dog. The husky will fill that need easily. They love to work, and you can even rig up a wheeled sled for them to pull.

This is a great dog breed that loves its family.

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