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Best Potty for Dogs in Apartments

Corgi with head poking through balcony bars

Are you struggling to house train your puppy in a condo complex? Or are you tired of taking your pet to the toilet 5-6 times a day in a high-rise building? An apartment dog potty can provide the perfect solution for your pup’s bathroom needs.

Although several types of dog potties are available in the market, grass potty pads are the most popular alternatives. These square or rectangular patches of grass (artificial or real) often sits in a tray that catches urine. This makes the cleaning process incredibly easy as you simply need to remove the tray and wash it clean. These grass potties are generally placed on the balcony or patio of your apartment to give your canine easy access.

Real Grass Dog Potty for Apartments

It’s highly recommended to go for a fresh grass dog potty if your priority is quality and low-maintenance. This is because the thick root structure (below the grass) is ideal for absorbing urine and odors. Having said that, most of these products are grown without the use of soil (hydroponically). Consequently, your pup won’t track mud into the home.

In addition to that, real grass pads are environment-friendly and completely disposable. This means that the entire dog potty (including the tray) can be thrown away.

On the other hand, fresh grass dog pads can be an expensive alternative because you need to replace them frequently. The toxins in the dog’s urine and the harsh weather during the winter months kill the grass. Generally, these pads only last for a couple of weeks. Likewise, they are smaller than artificial potties and you may need to combine multiple pads if you have a large dog.

Dog Potty for Apartment Balcony

Fresh Patch Standard - Real Grass Pee and Potty Training Pad for Dogs Under 15 Pounds - Indoor and Outdoor Use - 16 Inches x 24 Inches

The disposable dog potty from Fresh Patch is an ideal product if you want a real grass alternative. Its pad is made from fresh sod and is completely safe for being used inside the home. The smell of fresh grass makes it easier for the dogs to learn where they need to eliminate. Consequently, this dog potty can prove quite beneficial for training purposes.

The entire box of this real grass dog potty is disposable, and it will require very little maintenance. The extra-absorbent sod mat soaks up liquids and odors to keep your apartment clean and fresh. Likewise, the dirt-free growth of grass makes sure that your puppy doesn’t make a mess around the house. However, it can be an expensive choice because you will need to replace this potty pad every 2-3 weeks.

Synthetic Grass Potty for Dogs in Apartments

Synthetic Grass isolated on white background

It’s best to purchase a synthetic grass dog potty if you are looking for a cost-effective and durable product. These pads are made from plastic materials that are designed to look like grass. This artificial material makes the potty long-lasting because it never dies. Therefore, you won’t need to replace the dog potty for a considerable amount of time.

These synthetic potties can’t absorb the liquid and that’s the reason why they come with a tray. As the fluid passes straight through the grass, your dog won’t come inside with wet paws. However, you will have to clean these pads regularly to avoid smells.

The main drawback of synthetic grass pads is that some dogs are reluctant to use them. Although most dogs are naturally inclined towards natural grass, they can get confused with these artificial potty pads. Consequently, it can be difficult for you to house train your pup if he/she is finicky about the toilet.

Apartment Patio Dog Potty

PETMAKERThe Indoor Restroom Puppy Potty Trainer for Pets, Medium, Green (80-ST2025)

The artificial grass dog bathroom from Petmaker is an excellent choice for apartment canines. The three-layer design of this product makes it incredibly easy to clean. The odor-resistant, anti-microbial mat is NOT sitting directly in the tray. Instead, there’s a middle plastic insert that allows liquids to drain into the durable collection base.

The size of this dog potty makes it perfect for an apartment patio or balcony. The downside of this is that it’s NOT suitable for larger breeds. Another problem with this synthetic grass dog potty is that it may start to smell (despite regular cleaning). In this case, you simply need to replace the top layer (grass mat) to solve the problem.

What’s the Right Potty Size for Dogs in Apartments?

5 dogs on white background from small to large

Balcony toilet stations come in many sizes, and you need to select the most suitable one for your pup. It’s quite obvious that larger breeds require a bigger patch of grass that may force you to purchase multiple pads.

In addition to size, the best potty for an apartment dog is also dependent on his/her toilet preferences. Therefore, you may have to buy a larger potty pad for a small puppy if he likes to move around. Similarly, male leg lifters may also find it difficult to eliminate on smaller pads.


An apartment dog potty can be a great help for busy owners. It’s true that these products can’t substitute walks, but they can certainly save you from making multiple trips downstairs. The best possible choice of a dog potty can vary from one pup to another. Therefore, you must consider your canine’s preference while purchasing potties for dogs in apartments.

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