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Home Remedy for a Dog’s Itchy Bum

Furry brown dog dragging it's butt through snow

You see a dog dragging its butt across the ground, this site is not a new dance scheme or a new way to walk to the corner. Instead, it is a sign that your dog has an itchy bum. He or she is scratching it in the best way that they can.

Before you panic and take your dog to the vet, there are methods you can use to relieve your pet of this problem. These methods are not expensive nor are they hard to apply.

Keep reading to find out about the source of your dog’s itchy bum and how to handle it.

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How To Relieve My Dog’s Itchy Bum

Jack Russell Terrier biting its hind leg

There are different methods you can try. The one that will work the best will be the one that fits the source of the problem. Here are some options you have at your disposal:

Warm Compresses

You want to wet a cloth with warm water and then press it against your dog’s rear end. Hold it there for about 5 minutes, stopping only to re-wet the cloth if needed. This should help with waste flow from the anal glands.

Person handing a blue dog bowl to a dog on hard wood floors

Add More Fiber to Its Diet

This is a great way to help your pet avoid an itchy bum. The more fiber they get the better they can go to the bathroom when it is time to go.

You can either add a portion of fiber-rich dog food to their diet or add fiber-rich vegetables to it.

Use A Dewormer

Dogs get many worms from their mother and those worms can cause an itchy rear end. A good dewormer can help kill off those worms and make the problem go away. Talk to your vet about this option first.

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Walk Your Dog More

Corgi being walked on a leash

Or give them more exercise time. The more you exercise your pet the better their potty time gets. The activity helps improve gastric motility which is what you want your dog to have.

Express Those Anal Glands

It is a dirty job but if you do not do it at these times, the full glands can harm your dog’s health. You will know these glands are over-filled by the excessive scratching and uncomfortable feeling your pet has.

What Can You Put on A Dog’s Itchy Bum

Brown and black dog biting its hind quarter

There are a few options you can try in this situation. However, you have to be careful when selecting one of the options. It is easy to misdiagnose the source of the problem and apply the wrong treatment.

Before you use a home remedy you should have your dog examined by your vet to make sure you get the right option for the problem. Here are some of those options you can try:

Warm Compress

You only have to hold it in place for about 5 minutes to help relax the rear-end muscles and glands. You may have to add more warm water to the cloth during this procedure. That is normal and okay to do.

Anti-Inflammatory Ointments or Creams

This should not be done without your vet’s approval. A good cream or ointment will bring the relief your dog needs.

It is also said that one of the ingredients should be witch hazel as that herb brings pain relief to the anal glands.

There Is No Instant Solution

The only way to treat this problem is to diagnose the correct source, and then treat that problem. Getting rid of the itchiness may take some times so do not expect overnight results.

The Cause of Rear End Itchiness

View of a dog's butt laying on a white sheet

There are several sources for this problem. Your vet will be the one to diagnose the source the best. Here are your options:

  1. Full Anal Glands- There are two of them and sometimes a little help in emptying is what is needed to solve the problem
  2. Parasites- These can come from anywhere and when they infect your pet, one result is an itchy bum. A good dewormer from your vet should solve your problem
  3. Matted Fur– Waste can get caught in long fur and stick the strands together. When that happens your dog’s butt may feel itchy. Trimming the fur away will help immensely.
  4. Constipation– Your dog is lacking in fiber or is not getting enough water to drink. Add fiber to the diet or increase their water supply

Some Final Words

Corgi and a cat sitting in a field of wild flowers

An itchy dog’s bum is not a serious problem, but it can lead to serious problems if not taken care of quickly. Talk to your vet the next time it happens to your pooch. They will give you good options to use to solve the problem.

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