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Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe for Dogs ?

Carved letters spelling out Diatomaceous Earth with a pole of white powder next to it.

The eye does not see everything. To the naked eye, Diatomaceous Earth looks like a fine powder much like flour, sugar, or salt. But that look is deceiving. To see its real self, you have to put this nice powder under a microscope.

When you do, you will see why it is an effective flea and tick killer. The actual shape of Diatomaceous Earth will surprise you and you will be amazed at how deadly it is.

Just keep reading to find out more about Diatomaceous Earth (called DE from now on). It is a good flea and tick-killing product.

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What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth mine entrance

This powder is actually ground up from fossilized aquatic organisms and once ground it looks like a fine powder. However, under the microscope, you will see very sharp, strong jagged edges.

This product is not always safe for dogs due to its design. Most people recommend spreading it around your lawn and garden when you have a flea and tick infestation.

When you talk to different vets, you will get two different opinions about its use. Some will say it is safe for dogs and others will say it is not safe for pets. However, DE comes in different forms and one form can be used around pets and even feeding DE to them.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe for Dogs?

Springer spaniel laying in grass in the woods

This is a good question as many people, including vets, have different opinions on the application of DE. In some forms, you do not want your dog to eat DE simply because those jagged edges mentioned earlier, can cut up your dog’s internal organs and cause them severe health problems.

If you use those rough forms of DE outside your home, there is a chance your dog or cat can eat it. That is where the problem comes in. But there is a food-grade version that is safe for dogs to eat.

You do not need to feed your dog a lot of this product to get all the benefits but different-sized dogs should get a serving fit for their specific sizes.

  1. Small Dogs and Puppies- ½ tsp of food grade DE
  2. Dogs less than 50 lbs.- 1 tsp of food grade DE
  3. Dogs between 50-100 lbs.- 1 tbsp of food grade DE
  4. Dogs greater than 100 lbs.- 2 tbsp of food grade DE

The way to add these helpings to your dog’s diet is to either mix it with its moist dog food or mix it in water and pour it over their dry dog food. You can also sprinkle the DE in your dog’s food bag while it waits to be served.

This will kill any bugs or insects that have found their way into those dog food bags after they have been opened.

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The Benefits of Using Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Close up of a bottle of Harris brand Diatomaceous Earth

First, when you buy food-grade DE, you can spread it on your pet’s body, massaging it down deep to make sure it gets to the skin. This will help suffocate any ticks or fleas already living on their bodies.

Second, you can spread this form of DE around your carpets, etc., to kill any fleas and ticks hiding in your home. Just make sure to follow all instructions carefully. You do have to leave it on your dog for several days for it to work properly.

Getting rid of fleas and ticks on their bodies and in your home is one benefit of using DE. When you give your dog the dosages mentioned above, you give them some more benefits that keep your pets healthier.

1. DE is a very good colon cleanser and digestion aid

2. It can neutralize odors

3. This product is filled with nutrients that help your dog stay healthy

However, there is one major drawback to using food-grade DE on your dog. Since it has high absorbing powers, it can also absorb moisture from your dog’s skin.

Fortunately, to counteract this condition, all you have to do is bathe your dog with a moisturizing shampoo. When you use DE as a flea killer it is not a quick remedy.

It has been stated that you need to keep the powder on your pet for at least 72 hours to kill all fleas and ticks.

Some Final Words

Black terrier scratching outdoors in grass

While it is not the fastest tick-killing product on the market, it is one of the most thorough tick killers you can buy. This product should kill every stage of a tick’s life and do it without harming your pet.

DE is also a silent killer, and you never hear it working.

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