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How Do I Keep My Poodle From Matting?

Close up of black poodle with matted hair

Matting refers to densely tangled clumps of fur in a pet’s coat. If a dog’s coat is not groomed for 8-10 weeks, the loose hair and dirt can combine to form painful mats. To prevent that from happening, it’s important to brush, wash, and also trim your poodle hair regularly. Experts believe that poodles must be groomed every 4-6 weeks. Keep reading to know more details about how you can keep your poodle from matting.

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Why Does My Poodle’s Hair Get Matted?

Matting occurs in poodles when the accumulation of loose hair, dirt, and debris results in tangles. These tangles become larger with time and it becomes difficult to remove them.

The coat of poodles is quite different from other breeds. It has a single layer but the hair that fall out get stuck in it. These loose hair start forming curled balls that can be very painful for your pooch. Poodles usually suffer from matting during the seasonal shedding period when they blowing out a lot of hair.

How Do You Get Rid of Matted Poodle Hair?

Groomer trimming the hair of a white poodle with scissors

The following steps can help you to remove mats from your poodle’s coat.

Use Detangling Spray

Many top-rated products can be used to solve the knotting problem. For example, John Paul Pet Detangling Spray can be quite a useful product. Its gentle conditioning oils are not only beneficial for countering mats, but they can also repair the damage.

Saturate Poodle’s Hair

Once you have sprayed the detangling solution, make sure that it reaches deep into the matted clump. Use your fingers to massage the detangling spray around the tangles so that they could be loosened.

Brush the Matted Area

After that, gently brush the matted area with a soft bristle brush. Place your finger under the base of the mat (above the skin). This will help in keeping the tugging on the skin to a minimum while brushing. You should also sweep the brush sideways to break up the hair fibers.

Removing the Tangles

Break down the mats into smaller sections and keep brushing the hair until the tangles are removed. Start by untangling the clumps from the tip of the hair and then gradually move down towards the skin.

How Can I Improve My Poodle’s Coat?

Close up portrait of a small brown poodle puppy.

The best way to keep your poodle from matting is to take good care of your dog’s coat. The following are some methods that can help you achieve this goal.

Brush Your Poodle Regularly

Brushing removes loose hair, dead skin cells, dirt, and debris from the coat of your pooch. Therefore, you should brush your poodle at least once a week to tangles and mats. Grooming is also helpful for strengthening your bond with the pet. Similarly, it allows you to maintain the good looks of your canine friend.

Gently Brush Small Knots

It is always better to stop a problem in the early stages. Frequent brushing does just that as it removes the tiny knots in your dog’s coat. It is a safe way to eliminate these tangles that can be painful if they are allowed to grow. Tangles are generally found behind the ears, under the chin and neck area, and around the tail of your poodle.

We can also use clippers to cut these tangles if they are too stubborn (for brushing). However, some tangles are knotted so badly that it can be difficult to get rid of them.

Bathe Your Poodle

Bathing is an excellent method to keep your poodle clean and healthy. Experts believe that you must bathe your dog after 2-3 weeks to keep your poodle from matting. Just make sure that you remove any knots or tangles in your pup’s coat before taking him/her for a bath. You can simply brush them out or use a detangling spray to loosen the clump.

Feed Your Poodle Quality Food

wood and metal bowl filled with raw beef on a wooden table  surrounded by eggs, bones, and vegetables

The diet of a poodle plays an important role in keeping his/her skin and coat healthy. If a dog is eating food of poor quality, it will show in the coat. For example, poodles need some useful fatty acids to maintain the health of their fur. If they don’t get a sufficient quantity of these nutrients, the chances of matting will increase.

Changing the diet of your pup can go a long way in preventing tangles and mats. Therefore, make sure that you are giving healthy food to your poodle.

Provide Itching and Scratching Treatment

Itching can also cause knots or tangles in a dog’s fur. Lack of fatty acids in a poodle’s diet can make his/her coat scratchy. It happens because the skin becomes irritated and your pooch scratches to relieve the itchiness. Switching to a balanced diet can help you solve this problem.

Just like humans, dogs can also have seasonal allergies. They can also contribute to the formation of mats and knots in a canine’s coat. Treating these allergies properly is necessary to keep your poodle from matting.

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