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How Do You Stop a Dog from Shedding Naturally?

Eye dropper over the top of a bottle of essential oil

We can’t say this enough, it is impossible to stop your dog’s natural shedding process. It is something that will take place every year until their life is over. The best you can do is control the shedding process and you can do that naturally.

The good news is that there are numerous natural ways to help slow down or reduce those loose hairs on your dog. Some of these natural options work on specific shedding sources like rashes, disease, and fleas, and so on.

You need to do a little research to see what their best application will be.

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A List of Home Remedies You Can Try

This is a list only and each natural remedy will have its own way of being applied to your pet. For example, coconut oil can be massaged to your dog’s skin or fed to him or her by mixing it with their food.

Coconut oil is best for fighting off fleas and ticks that can cause shedding.

  •     Olive oil
  •     Apple cider vinegar
  •     Molasses
  •     Tea tree oil
  •     Fish oil
  •     CBD oils
  •     Flaxseed
  •     Coconut oil
  •     Chia seeds
  •     Plain Yoghurt
  •     Hydrolyzed protein diets
  •     Oatmeal
  •     Fruits and vegetables
  •     Vitamin E
  •     A lot of water

Home Remedies That Work

Dog licking an eyedropper held by a human hand

There is no room to discuss all of the options on that list. This section will describe some of them in more detail.


It is good for when your dog has allergies. It is a non-toxic and non-psychoactive treatment and can reduce pain, stimulate appetite, reduce anxiety, and help fight against cancer.

Check with your vet before applying this option to your dog or feed it to him mixed with some food.

Olive Oil

It is loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids that help your dog with its shedding. Mix a little olive oil with your dog’s food and you are helping him or her achieve healthy skin and a very healthy coat.

Just do not overdo it as too much may not be that healthy for your pet. Your pet’s dose may be based on its weight. This option can be applied at all stages of your dog’s life.


Just a tbsp per 10 pounds and your dog’s shedding should be reduced. You do not want to give your smaller pet too much either.

Tea Tree Oil

Person dripping oil from an eyedropper onto a leaf next to a bottle of essential oil

Too much of this product is not good for your dog. It can be very toxic if you use too much at one time. However, it is in shampoos, etc., so it can help with shedding.

The amount in shampoos is far less than the amount needed to harm your pet. Talk to your vet first before applying this option to your dog’s skin and shedding issues.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Always dilute with water before using it. This option is best when your dog suffers from Ringworm. Make the water and vinegar mixture then use a cotton ball to dab some on the infected area.

Fruits & Vegetables

A variety of fruits and veggies in a basket

Pick the ones your dog loves avoiding those that are not good for him or her to eat. Fruit is high in nutrients your dog needs to have a strong coat of fur plus they contain a lot of water to help keep your pet hydrated.

Both are needed to help reduce the shedding your dog does. Vegetables shave the nutrients but not always the water.


Not served with honey or sugar as a meal but make an oatmeal bath. Canine atopic dermatitis can cause shedding and oatmeal is a treatment for that ailment.

All you are going to need is about 1 tbsp. of oatmeal and warm water to help your pet beat the problem causing the shedding.

Honorable Mentions

Vacuum cleaner on hard wood floors

There are more options you can use. One will be vacuuming and there should be dog vacuums or accessories you can use to get that loose fur off your pet before it spreads.

Another is always going to be on any list and that is a good healthy diet. Nothing beats a good meal day after day when it comes to healthy pets. Finally, keep your pet well hydrated so the water can help build that strong coat.

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Some Final Words

Dog laying down next to a glove and dog brush

There are some good natural methods you can use to reduce the amount of shedding your dog does. But the best options will be a healthy diet every day and lots of water.

Getting the right nutrients to your pet will be a big shedding reducer and your home should be cleaner.

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