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Why is My Dog Shedding So Much?

Hand pulling loose dog fur from a dog's back

When you see your dog’s fur getting thicker and then see a lot of loose fur around your home, there is a valid reason for this. Dogs regulate their body temperature through their fur coats.

Some dogs grow a lot of fur in the winter to stay nice and warm. When they shed, they shed a lot of fur. This is normal. But there are other reasons why dogs shed a lot and it is not always normal behavior.

You have to learn how to tell the difference between normal and abnormal shedding.

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Why Do Dogs Shed a Lot?

While shedding is a normal and natural process, there are other abnormal reasons why your dog may be shedding more than he, or she should. Here are some of those unnatural reasons why your pet is shedding a lot.

A Bad Diet

Yellow lab laying on tile floor with its dog bowl

You could be feeding your pet an unbalanced diet. When that happens, your dog is not getting the nutrition he or she needs to grow a healthy coat. The evidence of a bad diet is more shedding.


Just like humans, dogs have allergies. Their allergies can come from a variety of sources including corn, wheat, soy, dairy, beef, and chicken. One of the signs of an allergy is excess shedding.


If your dog has mange mites, fleas, and ticks, then one sign of an infestation will be large amounts of shedding. If your dog suddenly starts to shed for no visible reason, then check for these parasites and get rid of them.

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Bad Shampoo

Person shampooing a chow in a tub

Yes, even shampoos can cause shedding if it is the wrong kind. One of the wrong types is yours. The ph balance in human shampoo is not made for dog fur and it can cause excess shedding.


Again, just like humans, dogs get stressed. There is a number of reasons why they are so stressed that they lose their fur. Some of those reasons are being left home alone, enduring fireworks or other loud noises, or you have a new baby.


This could be due to an imbalance in their hormones, and it can happen right after a female gives birth. The good news here is that this source only targets the body, not the head or legs. If your dog is spayed or neutered, it can shed more in old age.


There are numerous diseases your dog can contract that will cause excessive shedding. Check with your vet to find out the names of those diseases and what you can do about treating them.

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Tips For Managing Shedding

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It is true that you cannot stop this natural process from taking place. But you can manage how much your dog sheds and keep control of where they leave their dog fur. Here are some tips:

Do Regular Brushing

It is a good bonding time and brushing your dog will help you keep good thoughts and feelings towards your shedding pet. Keep a good schedule for brushing and if you do it right, your pet will love it and make it an enjoyable time for both of you.

Give Regular Baths

There are some dogs that are very vicious fighters when it comes to baths. However, this is a good way to control their shedding and keep their dog fur off your floors and furniture. Just be prepared for a lot of fighting.

Feed Them a Nutritional Diet

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A healthy diet is a great way to help your dog grow a great coat. They need the following nutrients-protein, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Feeding them a healthy diet should cut down on some of their shedding.

Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Water is essential to a great coat as well as a healthy pet. Hydration helps ward off different ailments and helps keep your pet from shedding all over the house.

Give Them Supplements

The right supplements will help your dog have a nice, healthy coat. They are called shedding supplements and can come in tablet, liquid, and chewable formats.

Keep an eye on your dog and its shedding habits. If anything is out of the ordinary, then talk to your vet to make sure your pet is not suffering from some disease, etc.

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Some Final Words

Back view of a white dog with brown spots sitting on concrete

While your pet is special and provides you with a lot of love and companionship, all of their behavior is not lovable. Shedding is one of those behaviors but if you can control it, then you should be able to love your dog more.

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