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How to Groom a Shedding Dog

Pug laying on a table looking down on a pile of shedded dog fur

It is not going to stop. That is the one main fact about dogs. They will shed and they will shed every year of their lives. It is a fact of life when you own a pet, and you need to get used to it and you need to learn how to groom your dog so the hair loss does into getting all over your home.

Once you learn how to groom your pet, it will become second nature and you won’t even notice how much time it takes to do it. Good grooming starts with using the right tools for the job.

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The Right Tools for Grooming Your Pet

There are several different tools to use and which ones you buy will depend on the type of coat your dog has. Everyone may have a different method of using those tools and frequency.

The AKC recommends brushing several times a week and if your schedule allows it, that can be a great bonding time for your pet. Here is a list of tools you will need to groom your dog:

1. Pin Brush- This is for long hair dogs. Those pins may come with rounded steel or chrome plated designs.

2. Bristle Brush- Mainly used for short and medium hair dogs. Some long hair breeds can also benefit from this style of the brush as well.

3. Slicker Brush- This is used for long hair dogs as they tend to get mats and knots in their fur. These will also remove dead hair.

4. Rubber Curry Combs– These are for those dogs that come with a nice short smooth coat. It helps polish those hairs up to look good. These combs should also be capable of removing dead hairs as well.

There are other tools you can buy and they also go with specific dog coats. A double-coat dog should not be using the same tools as a short hair dog. Grooming gloves are an option and may be better with some dog breeds than others.

Cutting Your Dog’s Hair

Yorkie getting a hair cut at the groomers

This takes a little practice to master but once you do, you can save all that money you used to pay professional dog groomers. When you are using scissors be careful not to cut your dog’s skin. It can happen by accident, and it can hurt.

The first step in this part of grooming your dog is to decide if you are going to use scissors, clippers, or both. To make things easier the last option is the best. There are some parts of your dog’s body that are not good for clippers to go over and the body is too big for scissors alone.

Take your time trimming your dog’s fur as you want it even and have the dead and loose hair removed. You do not have to do this task frequently it all depends on how fast your dog’s fur grows.

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Bathing Your Dog

Red puppy getting  a bath

This can be done separately from brushing and clipping your pet, especially if they are heavy shedders or shed throughout the year. Giving your dog a nice bath often helps get rid of dead and loose hair before it lands on your couch.

When you give your dog a frequent bath, their loose and dead hair lands in the tub and not on your floors or carpets, etc. When you do this, make sure to use the right shampoo for dogs.

Human shampoo is not formulated for pets and probably makes things worse for your dog. Also, make sure to use a dog conditioner for the same reason.

It is formatted to work with your dog’s chemical make-up. Depending on your dog and the time of year, you can brush your pet and then give them a bath to remove a large portion of your dog’s loose fur.

Before The Bath

Dog comb next to a ball of dog fur

There are two tools to use before you give your shedding dog a bath. The first is an undercoat rake. This is a tool specially designed for two-coat dogs. It will remove the loose fur from your dog’s undercoat nicely. Keep removing the fur from this comb as you work.

The second tool you should use will be a de-shedding tool. It is designed for long hair dogs and does not touch the shorter guard hairs most dogs have. After the bath, let your dog air dry completely before using any of these tools on them.

It is possible to pull out the wrong hairs when the fur is wet.

Some Final Words

Corgi being brushed

Grooming your shedding dog is not hard to do. They may even enjoy it when you use the right tools and wait untill, they are dry before you start. Shedding seasons are the time to brush and bathe your pet more.

That way you have less of a mess in your home.

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