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How to Stop a Dog from Shedding

Dog brush and shedded dog hair on a wooden surface

Shedding is a fact of life. When you get your pet, one of the first things you should learn is that shedding is natural. You cannot stop it from taking place. Then you should learn what dogs are seasonal shedders and which ones are not.

Different dog breeds shed differently and sometimes they only shed twice a year while others, like short hair dogs, shed all year long. When you buy a dog, shedding is one of those negative aspects that you have to endure.

This is not something severe that you have to endure. After all, with all the love you get in return what is a little shedding among best friends?

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Can You Stop Your Dog from Shedding?

The answer to this question is ‘no, you can’t’. Shedding is the natural process all dogs go through to get rid of old or damaged hair. Long hair dogs are the worst but the good news about these dog breeds is that they normally only shed their fur twice a year.

It is the short hair dogs that you have to continually watch out for. They tend to shed every month of the year. The best you can do is to control the amount of hair your dog sheds.

Controlling it is far better than trying to clean up the fur once it gets into your carpets or furniture. That is the only option you have available to you. The controlling part can be easy depending on the type of dog you own.

One example is to use a brush or a glove each day to get that loose fur off your dog’s body. Most dogs enjoy that treatment so it would be a good bonding time for the two of you

The Source of Shedding

Long haired brown and white puppy sitting on a concrete ledge

This is the tricky part when it comes to your dog. First, it is a natural process, and it will happen each year. But many people confuse unnatural shedding with the natural act. That is where they can make a health mistake with their pet.

Shedding can occur unnaturally through the following issues:

  • Excessive itchiness
  • Skin issues- like skin disorders, parasites, ringworm, dermatitis, and certain types of fungal infections, immune diseases, and cancers can cause hair loss
  • Allergies- those can be atopy, environmental, food, or fleas sourced
  • Stress

These ailments as well as other ones can be ignored when people assume their dog is only going through their natural process. If you suspect your dog has one of these ailments, talk to your vet to make sure what is causing the unnatural shedding.

Then get the right treatment for him or her. It may take a while for your pet to recover but you will never be free from that shedding process. Also, there is no ‘normal’ amount of hair that comes off during the shedding time.

Each dog is different, and the amount shed is going to be different. That means you cannot really use shedding as a symptom for an unnatural source. Unless the hair is being pulled out in clumps.

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How to Keep Your Home Clean from Dog Hair

Small grey dog sitting on hard wood floors next to a pile of shedded dog hair and a small vacuum

There are two good methods you can use, that help control the amount of dog hair that gets to your floors, etc.

Vacuuming- First, your traditional vacuum with its special attachments will work wonders in picking up that loose fur. You just may have to vacuum more often than you would like.

Second, there are dog vacuums you can buy that will take the loose fur off your dog before it becomes a problem. Just follow the instructions on the box to use it correctly.

Buy Specially Made Air Filters- Sometimes your central heating or air conditioning is not powerful enough to pick up those hairs and whisk them away.

You need to buy those filters that focus on items like dog hair and are portable. The key would be to keep those filters clean.

You can also bathe your dog more frequently, but you need to couple that with brushing and you may not have the time. Just figure it out how to do this and still maintain your regular schedule.

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Some Final Words

Husky laying on its side being brushed

You cannot stop a natural process. It will take place no matter what you do. However, you can minimize its effect by practicing some good anti-shedding techniques that control the amount of fur that gets everywhere in your home.

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