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How to Stop a Short-Haired Dog from Shedding

Short haired, brown and white dog with its head tilted to one side

Stop is the wrong word!

While many dog owners love their dogs, they can’t stand the shedding aspect. Those loose hairs go everywhere and sometimes they are very hard to clean up. Shedding can make a mess of your nice clean home in no time.

However, since this is a natural process, you can’t stop it from happening. You can learn how to control your dog ‘s shedding habit and keep your home a little cleaner.

It just takes a little work to do this step. Keep reading to learn how to control your dog’s shedding problem.

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Ways to Control Your Dog’s Shedding

Torso and legs view of a white dog shedding on a brown couch

The following methods should be effective in reducing the amount of hair your dog leaves on your carpet and furniture. Reduction is the best you will achieve as all dogs generally shed at some point in the year.

Provide Him or Her with a Balanced and Healthy Diet

Getting all the nutrition your pet needs, helps them grow a great coat. In turn that healthy coat remains on their body and does not transfer to your floor or your carpets, etc.

Always make sure your dog is getting the best food nutritionally as possible.

Buy the Right Grooming Tools

Grooming properly is another top way to reduce the amount of shedding your pet does. The right tools for your dog’s coat will catch a lot of loose hair before they fall off inside your home.

They make different brushes, gloves, and other tools that are perfect for your dog whether they are short or long hair dogs.

Treat Those Medical Problems

Vet looking into the face of a pug

This is very important to do as shedding is not done naturally all the time. Sometimes there are medical or parasite problems as well as psychological issues your dog is facing.

Treat what ails your dog, so they stop leaving their hair over your nice-looking furniture, etc.

Add Bath Times to Your Dog’s Schedule

They may not like this addition, but it is a must if you want to control and reduce their shedding. A good bath helps get rid of dead hair that will fall off eventually.

Having it fall off in the tub is better than on your floors after you just cleaned them.

Take Them to the Vet

This should be done once or twice a year to make sure the abnormal shedding you see is not due to a medical issue. Shedding is shedding and it is hard to tell the source sometimes.

The vet can give your dog a good exam to make sure he or she is doing just fine and that everything is normal.

Use the Right Shampoo & Conditioner

Brown and white puppy getting a bath

It is tempting to save money by using your shampoo when you bathe your dog. But that would be a mistake as a dog’s ph balance is different from yours.

Your attempts to save money may be adding to the shedding problem. Get a dog shampoo and conditioner to be sure.

Add Some Supplements to Their Diet

Do this on the advice of your vet. You just do not want to use any old supplement as there are some good anti-shedding options on sale these days.

Keeping your dog’s coat healthy is important and these supplements can do that for you.

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Sources for Shedding

Chihuahua laying on a table looking at a bowl of dog hair

Other than the natural shedding your dog does, shedding can take place for a number of reasons. As we mentioned above, medical reasons are a prime source of this problem. However, it is hard to tell if the shedding is normal or from a medical issue.

Only your vet can tell you this. Also, ticks, fleas, and other parasites that live on your dog’s body can cause shedding. Keeping your dog flea and tick-free is one of the best ways to prevent this abnormal shedding event.

Then there is stress. Dogs feel it just like you do and for them, it can be much worse. They can lose their fur in clumps when they get stressed out so be careful and help your dog lead a better stress-free life.

Finally, malnutrition will cause a lot of abnormal shedding. Dogs are like kids. They need a good meal all the time to grow up nice and strong and healthy. Make sure they get all the vitamins and minerals they need to make sure abnormal shedding does not take place.

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Some Final Words

Human hand holding shedded dog fur with a dog in the background

No matter what you do, you won’t stop the shedding process in dogs. It is a fact of life that you have to learn to live with. But you can control the amount your dog sheds by using one or more of the above methods.

Some are easier than others to do. Just make sure to do the brushing outside.

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