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What Can I Feed My Dog to Stop Shedding?

Beagle eating from a dog bowl in a white kitchen

When your dog sheds a lot, you may want to try and change its diet. However, when you do that, you may run into an unexpected problem. Your dog may have food allergies.

It is hard to know until you try a dish if your dog is allergic or not. But the good news is there are more anti-shedding foods your dog can eat. One such food is fish oil.

The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are believed to help cut down on your dog’s shedding habits. It is worth a try and your dog’s joints will benefit from the fish oil as well.

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Coconut Oil for Dog Shedding

One of the ways to manage your dog’s shedding is by keeping them hydrated. One way to do that is by serving them a little virgin coconut oil. Plus, coconut oil is a great defense against fleas and ticks.

That means coconut oil is a dual edge sword. It keeps your dog’s skin nice and moist so they won’t scratch as much. It also keeps fleas and ticks away which are a cause of shedding.

Get rid of the parasites and you get rid of the majority of shedding your dog does. All you have to do is put a little coconut oil on your hands, rub them together and then massage your dog till the oil reaches their skin.

Since coconut oil is not bad for dogs, you can leave it on them and not worry if your dog licks some. Make sure to leave the coconut oil on your dog for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

Or you can feed 1 tsp. To a small dog each day or 1 tbsp. for large dogs each day. Do not overdo it as too much may be harmful to your pet. Just mix it in their food and they should reap the benefits of coconut oil.

Supplements for Dog Shedding

Supplement capsules on wooden spoons

There are some top-quality supplements on the market to help you control your pet’s shedding. Before you go out and buy any, you should talk to your dog’s vet to see what they recommend.

When you go looking, don’t just read the brand and the name of the product. Look at the ingredients on the label to make sure the following items are listed– Omega 3, probiotics, prebiotics, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

The supplements should be very healthy and nutritious for your pet to eat. While you are giving your dog these supplements, make sure you are giving them a very nutritious meal every day.

A well-balanced meal is an ideal way to control shedding in your dog. A double dose of nutrition should not harm your dog especially when you want to see less shedding during the spring and fall months.

Other Foods You Can Feed Your Dog

Overhead view of a brown dog looking up at the camera with a brown dog food bowl between its front paws

Coconut and supplements are not the only foods you can feed your pet to control its shedding. Here are some more products you should already have at home that should work for you:

Plain Yogurt

This works when your dog has a yeast infection. You will see this disease as it is found on the skin and the signs of this ailment are–    Flaky skin, Greasiness, constantly itching, Redness of the skin, and a musty or sweet smell from the affected area.

Another sign is falling hair. Yogurt should help clean up the infection which in turn cuts down on the falling hair.

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Olive Oil

Oil being poured over olives on a wooden spoon

This product is good for dogs of all ages. The reason for that is that olive oil is packed with Vitamin E. Not only does olive oil fight mange but it also helps build a strong coat which slows the shedding.


While olive oil is rich in Vitamin E, molasses is rich in Vitamin B16. Any B vitamin is good for hair growth and this product has a lot of B16 in it.

Just mix 1 Tbsp per 10 pounds of weight in their food and your pet should shed a bit less.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed on a wooden spoon next to a small bowl of oil on a wooden surface

This oil’s claim to fame is the amount of omega-3 fatty acids it contains. Plus, it is supposed to be as effective for your dog as fish oil is. The treatment is also 1 Tbsp. Per 10 pounds of weight.

Chia Seeds

This little seed also contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. That means it has the same benefits as other products on this list. The key is to soak them first, then feed 1/4 tsp per every 10 pounds your dog weighs.

When soft, mix with your dog’s moist food.

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Some Final Words

Dog food in a blue bowl and scattered on the white surface

These food items will be a big help in your battle against uncontrolled shedding. They are easy to find in your store as well as to serve your pet.

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