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How To Cut Chihuahua Nails

Chihuahua having its nails clipped

If you are like other people, when it is time to clip the nails on your Chihuahua, you look to the internet for guidance. But the internet can be confusing as there are websites stating 11 steps to cut their nails or 7 steps to cut those nails and so on.

The secret to those websites is they add in steps that are not really steps. To get the correct length to cut your dog’s nails, you have to read past all the extras on those web pages and look for the real information.

Clipping a chihuahua’s nails is not hard but it can be frustrating as your pet may not like them cut.

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How Short Should Chihuahua Nail Be

It is difficult to give an exact measurement. The reason for this is that even with Chihuahuas, the nails are different lengths. Then because the quick can recede, there is no objective measurement that states this is the point where the nail stops and the quick starts.

The correct length for this dog breed will be to cut as close to the quick as possible without cutting into the quick. That will be your guide. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to spot where the quick is.

You may have to turn your dog’s paw upside down to see where it stops and the nail begins. Then cut at a 45-degree angle. To avoid cutting into the quick, you can trim off just a little bit and then wait till they grow again before trimming more off.

This option means that you have to trim those nails more frequently. You will have to judge how often you want to trim your beloved pet’s nails. It will have to be done according to your free time and schedule.

Steps to Take to Cut Your Dog’s Nails

Small black and tan chihuahua being held with blue gloved hands having its nails trimmed

There are a variety of instructions giving a variety of steps to follow when you take up this task. The following list combines many of those steps as they are not really steps but naturally done.

Step 1: Start When They Are Young

This is the best time to get your Chihuahua used to this grooming task. The longer you wait, the harder it is to get them used to the clippers or grinder.

2 small paws being held in a human hand

Step 2: Look at The Nails

Eyeballing their length is okay and if they appear too long, then it is time to get the clippers or grinder out. Make sure to buy top-quality clipping tools as that makes the job easier and the dog more relaxed.

Step 3: Pick the Best Time

You do not want to be distracted when you start this chore. There are roughly 20 nails to cut and you do not want to leave one of them behind.

Also, make sure you and your dog are comfortable. This helps relax your pet and makes it easier to cut those nails.

Close up of blue gloved hand trimming dog nails

Step 4: Cut the Nails

This implies that you avoid the quick and get the nails as close to it as possible. Without cutting it. You will know when you cut the quick as there will be blood and a reaction from your dog.

Plus, do not forget to cut the dew claw. It needs to be trimmed all the time. Make sure you get it to the right length as well.

Step 5: Take A Pause

If your Chihuahua is getting anxious, take a break and give your dog a chance to calm down. Don’t rush this task as when you hurry it is easier to make a mistake.

2 dog biscuits on a white background

Step 6: Add Some Rewards

Pick the amount and timing of the reward so your pet can feel good about this task. Also, throw in some good boy or good girl comments to help them understand that this is not a punishment.

You can make this ‘quality time’ with your Chihuahua. Like most dogs, this breed does not like having its nails clipped. But you can turn this time into something that makes your dog bond more with you and feel good.

Having quality time does not mean you have to go outside and play. These mandatory tasks are ideal for you and your pet to grow closer together.

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Some Final Words

Small, tan chihuahua laying in a dog bed facing the camera

Taking the time to clip or cut your Chihuahua’s nails is an important task. If you don’t they can grow too long and start to harm your pet. If you are not that confident in doing this task, your groomer usually can do it for you.

It may cost a little bit but at least you know they are getting to the right length without damaging the quick.

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