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How To Cut Yorkie Hair

Yorkie at the groomers having a haircut

Even Yorkies need a haircut. Even though the Yorkie’s hair is similar to a human’s, that does not mean that you cut their hair like you would your own. But you will need the right tools to do a good job if you are planning on doing this task yourself.

To cut your Yorkie’s hair, you will need a comb and a pair of scissors. It is also a good idea to have electric clippers. You use the former around their ears and face and the latter tool over the rest of their body.

This is not hard to do, it just takes time. If your Yorkie doesn’t like their haircut, it can take even longer to get this job done.

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How To Groom a Yorkie

There are different techniques for this task. You just need to pick the method that works for you and your pet the best. The first step to doing this is to make sure your little Yorkie gets used to the clippers and the scissors.

You do not want them to be afraid of those tools, as that will make them fight you every step of the way. Then you should start with a bath, shampoo, and a complete drying off time. You want the hair to be as smooth as possible and without mattes, etc.

After your dog is dry, brush out any mattes or knots left in its hair. When that is done, you start cutting the fur on their bodies first. Find a comfortable place for both of you, and then use the electric clippers to start shaving their body hair off.

After that, you use the scissors to cut between their toes, around their ears, eyes, and other sensitive areas. When you are done, brush the loose hair off their bodies, so it does not get spread out over your nice clean home.

Do not forget to cut the hairs around their rear ends. This is important as well, for if you don’t, a nice mess can ensue.

How Can I Cut My Yorkies Hair at Home?

Overhead view of a Yorkie sitting on hardwood floors

The above steps will help guide you when you want to do this at home. The key is to make sure your pet is not afraid of either the scissors or clippers. You are going to have to have a lot of patience as it will take some time, even though your Yorkie is small, to get this job done right.

By right, you want a nice even cut all the way around, even though your dog’s facial hairs may be longer than their body hair. The other key is to secure your dog properly. You can use a table that is high enough for you to be comfortable, or you can use a large wash tub so your pet can’t climb out.

Then make sure you cover every inch of their bodies. Do not leave an area because your dog may be a little too sensitive in that area. Be gentle but firm when lifting your dog’s legs to get underneath to cut the hair in those regions.

As long as your scissors and clippers are sharp, their fur should cut fairly easily. Just watch out for any knots or mattes that you may have missed when you were brushing your dog.

If it helps, have a helper to help hold your pet still. The last thing you want them to do is jerk their heads and poke them in the eye or ear.

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How Short Should You Cut Yorkies’ Hair?

Close up of a person holding a Yorkie with ponytails on top of its head

This is up to you, the region of the country you are in, and what season it is. You do not want your little dog’s fur too short when it is the Winter season, and there is a foot or two of snow on the ground.

You have the freedom to decide how long your Yorkie’s fur should be. There are many Yorkie haircut styles to choose from, and you get to pick which one will look the best on your puppy.

If you just brought your new dog home, wait till they are about 4 months old before giving them their first haircut.

Some Final Words

Yorkie laying in dapples of sunlight

Cutting your Yorkie’s silky hair is not a hard task to do. All you need are the right tools and a little patience. Plus, you will need to know what type of haircut you want them to have.

If you do not have the confidence to cut your dog’s hair, you can either practice on some old wigs or take your pet to the groomers and have them do it for you.

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