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What’s The Difference Between a Teddy Bear Cut and A Puppy Cut?

Yorkie puppy standing on hardwood floors

If there are any differences between these two cuts, they are slight and hardly noticeable. There is no real minimum fur length for either cut style. The end length is up to the owner and how they want their pet to look.

The one major difference between these two cuts is that the teddy bear cut has a little more fluff or puffy look around the head and face of the dog. The puppy cut does not have that fluff or puff, but you may not be able to tell due to the length of the puppy cut.

Other than that, both cuts aim to have the same length of fur on the body, legs, and tail of the dog. The owner will tell the groomer what length they should cut their dog’s fur. For the puppy cut, that is about 1 to 2 inches in length, if they are going for the traditional length.

Neither cut has a real minimum to it and you can go as long or as short as you want. The actual length is all up to the owner to decide. Then there is a third cut that gets close to these two options but it is a lot shorter. It is called the summer cut and you can tell a dog has that hairstyle by its very short length.

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2 Yorkies sitting side by side on a deck

Both the teddy bear and the puppy cut can be good for dogs. If your dog’s fur loves to matte and knot, then these two cuts help avoid that problem. They get the fur short enough so the hairs do not bind together and cause a problem.

These cuts also help you groom and brush your dog easier so those mattes do not get started when the fur grows out. The other difference between these two cuts is that your dog may look a little like a teddy bear when the teddy bear cut is finished.

With the puppy cut, your dog will look like a dog with shorter hair. If your dog sheds, both of these styles of cuts can help stop the mess from forming in your home. When is the best time to get one of these cuts?

For most dogs, you can cut their hair for the first time when they are about 2 to 4 months old. But the puppy and teddy bear cuts should come a little later when they have more fur to cut off.

Then the best time of the year for these cuts will be when it gets warm outside. There should be enough fur left on their bodies to help the dogs regulate their body temperature. That is an important factor to keep in mind.

Yorkie on a pebble beach

You do not want the hair to be too short as that will interfere with your dog’s natural ability to stay cool. While you can cut your dog’s hair about every 6 weeks or so, it is best to let it grow a little longer and have a larger gap between cuts during the colder months of the year.

Your dog needs its longer fur to stay warmer when the Fall and Winter seasons hit. These two cuts are best to be left for warmer weather to make sure your dog has enough fur during those colder seasons.

Which is the better cut to get for your dog? This is a toss-up, and it will all depend on how you want your pet to look. Not every dog looks that great with the extra fluff and puff around their heads and face.

The puppy cut keeps the fur nice and even and makes sure your dog looks like a dog all the time. Just be careful though., The term teddy bear cut does not mean the same thing to all groomers.

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Yorkie at the groomers standing on a wood table

One groomer may consider this cut to be one way while another will cut your dog’s fur in a different manner and length. You should check with the groomer first before asking for this type of cut for your dog.

You are in no danger of different hairstyles with the puppy cut. It is an even cut and the only thing to worry about will be its end length.

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