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What is the Oldest Yorkie on Record?

The average life expectancy of Yorkies is around 13-16 years. However ‘Bonny’ (a female Yorkshire Terrier from Leeds) lived for 25 years after her owners adopted her. They estimated her age to be 28. Another advanced Yorkshire Terrier named Jack died in 2016 after being attacked by another dog. He was 25 years old. Keep reading to know some interesting information about the oldest Yorkie on record.

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Bonny Wasn’t recognized by the Guinness Book of World Record

Though Bonny’s owners, Vic Aveyard, and his wife Kath, claimed that she was 28 years old, Guinness Book was unable to certify this claim due to a lack of evidence. As a result, Pebbles, a 23-year-old Chihuahua, had surpassed Bonny as the oldest dog ever listed in the Guinness Book of Records. One representative of the Guinness Book said that “If the couple who owns this dog believes it is the oldest still alive, we would be happy to hear from them.”

Bonny Was Fit at 28

2 yorkies with hair bows standing outdoors

Even though Bonny the Yorkshire terrier is the oldest dog on the planet, she was far from being tired. Her owner Kathy claimed, “We’ve had Bonny for 25 years and she is still going strong. Apart from a few lumps and bumps, Bonny is fine. She is very sprightly and still goes for two walks a day”.

How Has Bonny Lived for So Long?

Why Bonny and in general, other Yorkies live long has two reasons:

Slow Development Rate

Some research suggested that larger canines are more susceptible to genetic defects because they grow drastically. These defects could ultimately result in cancer or other serious illnesses. Yorkies on the other hand, grow slowly being small-sized dogs. Hence, they are immune from such defects.

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Genetic Build

Old yorkie with its tongue sticking out laying outdoors in grass

The genetic makeup of Yorkies is another factor that contributes to their propensity to outlast larger breeds. Diseases and genetic issues are frequently transferred into the gene pool when purebreds are produced. This is because breeders are attempting to achieve a certain look with the dog rather than better health. The Yorkie is fortunate in that it doesn’t have any inherited genetic disorders or diseases that it might pass on to its young. These infections.

Conflicting Beliefs about Jack and Bonny

While some believe Bonny to be the oldest Yorkie in England, others believe Jack was the oldest Yorkie. He died at 26 after being attacked by a black Lakeland terrier on his morning walk. The Daily Express reporter stated, “Jack was the oldest dog in the country, and for him to die in this horrible, violent way, as opposed to peacefully in his sleep, is a tragedy”.

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