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Life Expectancy for a Yorkie

Close up portrait of an older Yorkie laying on a bed

For those who don’t know Yorkies, it is the smallest terrier breed that originated in England, in the 19th century. Yorkies’ usual life expectancy is 13-16 years. Females usually live longer (about 1.5 years) than males. Common death causes for older Yorkies are trauma, cancer, and birth defects. Keep reading to know more details about the life expectancy of your Yorkie.

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What Age Is Considered Old for A Yorkie?

The age at which dogs show signs of aging relies on the overall health and diet they eat. However, it’s reasonable to say that by the time they reach the age of 8, Yorkies are fully grown adults. Once they reach 10, they become senior Yorkies. You can somewhat extend their life by carefully studying illness symptoms and attempting to control them with the right treatment and medication.

Can a Yorkie Live to Be 20 Years Old?

Yorkies are counted among the longest-living small breeds in America with ages up to 20 years. This is a lot longer than a dog’s typical lifespan, which is between 10 and 13 years. It implies that your Yorkie should live a long life if you give him or her good care.

How Long Will My Yorkie Live?

Portrait of a Yorkie sitting in a grass field

If your Yorkie is healthy, he/she should live anywhere between 13-20 years. The age of a Yorkie depends on factors like diet, health, vaccination, and hygiene of the environment. These factors are explained below.

Healthy Birth – Birth defects are one of the leading factors in deciding the age of Yorkies. Yorkies who are born healthy generally live longer.

Vaccination and Booster shots – Proper Vaccination earlier and then appropriate booster shots at intervals (as per your vet’s prescription) help improve life expectancy.

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Yorkie receiving a vaccine at the vet

Hygiene – Environment has a great effect on the health of your Yorkie. Clean your house and lawn regularly so that Yorkies stay free of germs. Don’t let them swallow anything harmful or they may get injured. Also, make it a habit to bathe your Yorkie after play. 

Diet plan – Proper diet plan is a key factor in increasing your Yorkie’s life expectancy. You should consult your vet for a choice of food and meal distribution per day.

Exercise – Yorkies who are inactive are prone to obesity and their bones and muscles are fragile. Both these factors can lead to several health hazards like diabetes, liver diseases, arthritis, muscular issues, etc.

Water Intake – Water is taken for granted in the case of dogs. Most owners provide tap water to dogs considering it safe. Tap water can have several hazardous substances like chromium-6, disinfectant byproducts pesticides, and factory run-off. It is important that you provide purified water to your pet to minimize the chances of infections and diseases.

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Person with a pet toothbrush in their finger getting ready to brush a yorkies teeth

Oral Health – Dental care is often ignored in Yorkie care. Periodontal disease is caused by poor dental hygiene. Periodontal disease causes heart disease and organ damage in Yorkies. Brushing 3-4 times a week and giving appropriate chew toys can help prevent these disorders.

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