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How To Help Puppy Teeth Fall Out

Person holding puppies mouth open showing their teeth.

It can be painful for your puppy!!

Puppies are interesting as they get a set of baby teeth just like human babies due. It is just that the dog’s baby teeth are only supposed to last a few months and not a few years. But sometimes those dog baby teeth do not cooperate.

When that happens, their adult teeth may not emerge properly and cause your dog a lot of problems. One of the best but most expensive ways to help your dog lose its baby teeth is to get a referral to a vet specialist who will operate on your dog.

This is the most recommended method you can use. There are other methods and keep reading to find out what they are.

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How Long Does It Take for Puppy Teeth to Fall Out?

This is an interesting process as your puppy is born without any teeth. This facilitates nursing and makes sure the mother is not hurt when she nurses her new pups.

But you can expect to start seeing your dog’s new baby teeth in about 3 weeks. The canines come in starting at that time and may take up to the 5th week to come in. The Incisors may start at 4 weeks and may take up to the 6th week to come in. Pre-molars will be between 5 and 6 weeks of age.

For the first few months of its life, it may seem like all the dog is doing is teething for at 12 weeks, those baby teeth start to fall out. Sometimes it may take a bit longer.

But by their 6 months, all the baby teeth should be gone, and they will be getting their new adult teeth during that time. The adult teeth can start coming in at 12 weeks and go till the 6th-month mark.

Although, some dogs take longer, and it can be up to a year before all the baby teeth are gone and the adult teeth are in.

What Age Is Teething the Worst for Puppies?

Close up of puppy teeth

The worst time will be between 12 and 20 weeks of age. That is when the baby teeth will be falling out, and their new adult teeth will be coming in. It is a slow process as it can take up to 6 to 12 months before this process is over.

It is also a very uncomfortable time for your pet, and they may be chewing on anything and everything to help relieve the discomfort. You can help them by giving them the appropriate items to chew on when they go through this stage of their lives.

One thing not to do is have those baby teeth pulled before the adult teeth come in. You may be thinking you are helping your dog, but in reality, you are hindering the process and keeping them from getting their adult teeth.

The time to pull those baby teeth is when the adult teeth have already erupted and are not pushing the younger teeth out. To pull their teeth out, you need to go to a skilled vet who has experience in handling this problem.

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Is It Painful for Puppies to Lose Teeth?

White puppy with a black nose laying on its back in grass biting on a person's finger.

This process can be but generally, it is just not a comfortable feeling. That is why your dog chews on a lot of items around the house. They are trying to relieve themselves of any pain or discomfort they may be feeling.

One way you can help is to provide them with the right toys to chew on. These toys can be frozen items like Kong, flavored puppy chews, edible teething rings or you can try a special little item.

That item is called a dried bull penis and it is braided and about 6 inches long. Give your puppy one of those and by the time the dried bull penis is gone, your dog’s baby teeth will be also.

This chew toy contains lots of protein which helps your dog have great dental health. It is a thought to help your dog. But there are other chew toys you can give your dog that does the same thing and not is so gross.

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Some Final Words

Black and white puppy with its mouth open against a peach background.

Puppies go through teething just like your human baby does. It is painful to see but it must take place. It is natural and the best thing you can do is not to pull those baby teeth unless there is a problem with the adult teeth.

The best you can do is give your pet something good to chew on that will help them relieve any discomfort they may be feeling.

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