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How To Discipline a Puppy for Biting

Golden Retriever puppy biting a persons arm

It would be nice if all puppies came fully trained and knew everything, they needed to know about behaving in real life. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen… ever. You will have to take a proactive role in your puppy’s life and train them not to bite.

One of the wrong methods to use when training your puppy is to scold them. Punishing them for bad behavior may send the wrong message. Positive reinforcement, rewarding them when they obey, is the better way to get your puppy to stop biting.

Keep reading to learn more about this important topic.

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At What Age Do Puppies Stop Biting?

Normal puppies may stop biting somewhere between 6 and 8 months. Other dogs may take a little longer to stop, and their biting stage lasts up to 1 year. Unfortunately, there are some dogs that never stop biting, even when they become adult dogs.

A lot will depend on their breed as some of the more aggressive dog breeds like Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, American Pit Bull Terriers, and British Bulldogs never seem to outgrow their biting phase.

It is possible to train your dog not to bite. It is a difficult process and one that may take some time for your dog to learn. Biting is natural to them, so walk this path cautiously.

But if you can train them, then it protects your items in your home as dogs will bite on anything if given a chance. Also, your dog’s biting phase depends a lot on its personality.

High-energy dogs can take a long time to break the biting habit. To give you an idea of high-energy dogs, these breeds include but are not limited to the following– Australian Shepherds, Airedale Terriers, Siberian Husky, or Border Collies.

Every dog is going to be different, and your biting stage may not last as long as your friend’s dog’s biting stage.

Should I Yell at My Puppy for Biting?

Black and white border collie biting a persons pants

Every dog is different, and that means that yelling may be a training tool for some dogs but not all of them. Like the yelping method, it may not work on every dog. Not dog breeds but the individual dog.

Most experts say not to yell at your puppy as that may cause other issues. They say to use positive reinforcement and reward your puppy when they obey, not punish them when they disobey.

That does not work all the time either, and some dogs will need to have disobedience punished if they are going to learn to behave correctly. However, try the yelping method first.

It is said that about 90%of the dogs will stop mid-bite when they hear that sound. If your dog is in the other 10%, you may find that their biting is escalated, and they play rougher or seriously start to attack you.

Most experts frown on what they consider negative reinforcement, but sometimes it is called for as your dog may not respect you as an authority if you do not yell or spank them for biting.

It is a toss-up, and you should pick the right method to train your dog not to bite.

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Why Is My Puppy Biting Me Aggressively?

Chihuahua biting a person's hand

There are several good reasons why your puppy may bite you aggressively. But one thing to keep in mind is that puppy biting is normal. When they get a little aggressive, it could mean there is another underlying problem.

  1. They are not getting enough exercise, or they are bored– try substituting a toy for your hands.
  2. Your puppy is teething– biting helps them deal with the discomfort of losing their puppy teeth and growing their adult teeth.
  3. They are hungry– Aggressive biting may be a signal that your dog has not eaten for a while and needs its meal.
  4. Your puppy is stressed– Stress has a way of showing itself, and your puppy is probably seeking relief through biting. Some of that stress can come from being bothered by children for hours on end.
  5. It is normal- Biting is normal, and when they get aggressive, they just may have taken it too far and enjoy what they are doing.

Some Final Words

Pit bull puppy biting a person's hand

Having your puppy bite you is not always a bad thing. They can get aggressive at times and the proper discipline can put that behavior in check. Try positive reinforcement but do not rule out what is called negative discipline in case your dog does not respond to the positive option.

If your puppy is normal, then it should stop biting you at some point between 6 and 12 months. Unless you own an aggressive dog, breed which means they won’t stop biting.

Play it by ear but this behavior is not something to get rid of your dog over.

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