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How To Keep a Puppy Entertained

Border collie with blue eyes chewing on a rope toy

Just like children many dogs act like children when it is raining outside, and they are stuck inside. They get bored and if you do not do something to get rid of that boredom, the dog will. What they find may be one of your expensive shoes to chew on.

One way to keep your pet from getting bored when stuck inside is to play different games with them. If they are sleeping, hide a bunch of treats around the house as they nap. When they wake up send them on a treasure hunt.

That will keep them from getting bored as well as protect your expensive clothing items.

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What To Give a Puppy to Keep Busy?

White and grey pit bull puppy chewing on a pink and green tennis ball.

Play Some Games with Them

These games like the treasure hunt will have your dog using its nose to find the treats you have for them. Start with simple games and work your way up to more complicated ones.

Play Tug of War

Those little rope bones are perfect for this. A good game of tug of war will get rid of the boredom in your pet as well as tire them out. If you do not have those rope bones, use an old shirt, a towel, or a regular rope.

Don’t forget to let your dog win once in a while.

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Try Dog Interactive Toys

Corgi laying nose to nose with a toy dog robot on a white background.

These toys can be bought at the store or make some of your own up. The goal is to keep your dog occupied as well as mentally stimulated.

They will also help your dog be more alert and ready for action.

Train Your Dog

Obedience training doesn’t stop especially in that first year. Give your dog’s lessons in shaking hands, and other tricks as well as new commands to learn. This will also help stimulate their minds and be able to learn how to please you better.

Teach Your Dog to Do Chores

Some owners have taught their dogs to pick up dirty laundry. Or taught them to pick up their toys, sticks for the fire, and so on. These simple tricks should be easy for your pet to learn.

Teach Your Dog Difficult Jobs

Black lab puppy with a stuffed toy duck in its mouth outdoors walking in grass

Find out what they love to do and what is consistent with their breed. Then find tasks that fit those jobs and breeds and teach them to your pet.

Build A Dig Box

If your dog loves to dig in the yard. Then build him or her their very own digging space. This gives them something to do without messing up your yard or undermining your fence line.

Inflate A Wading Pool- this will give your water-loving pet something to do that is fun for them. There are different dog breeds that love the water so giving them water activities or taking them to the lake is an ideal way to keep your dog entertained.

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How Do I Keep My Puppy Entertained While I’m At Work?

2 chocolate lab puppies indoors playing with plastic balls

Exercise Your Pet

The best way to cure destructive behavior before it starts is to make sure your dog is well-exercised and tired before you leave for work. You do not want them to have too much energy when you leave, or they may get into mischief while you are away.

Use A Kong

These little toys can be filled with peanut butter or your dog’s favorite treat. Then leave it out for your pet when you leave for work. They will get to it eventually.

You can fill the kongs with different food items to keep the game interesting for your pet.

Pick Some Good Toys

Overhead view of a variety of dog toys on a wooden surface

The right toys to play with will help keep your dog from playing with your pillows, shoes, carpet, and so on. Make sure to have enough on hand that is different, so your dog has some choice.

This also helps your pet stay mentally fit and helps them forget they are alone for the day.

Turn On the Television Set

Or you can turn on the radio. The images and voices will help entertain your dog while you are away from home. Just do not do it every day as it may bore your pet after a while.

Hire A Dog Walker

That way your dog gets human interaction as well as a chance to go to the bathroom outside. They also get some great exercise that will tire them out when they get back home.

Some Final Words

Boston Terrier carrying a yellow tennis ball in its mouth on a tile floor with pink walls in the background.

It is not hard to find ways to entertain your dog whether you are at home or when you are at work. There are more options than the few we just described. Do some extra research to see what activities will help your dog stay entertained when they have to stay inside all day.

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