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How to Keep Dog Nails Short Without Clipping Them

Large grey dog paw resting on dirt

Many dogs just do not like to have their paws touched. When you try to clip their nails, it can be a very stressful time for both you and your pet. There is a way to avoid this stress and you can let a professional get it all.

Or you can use one of several natural ways to shorten your dog’s nails. These natural ways let you and your dog enjoy each other’s company without all that stress. Take a few minutes to see how this option can help you have a better day with your best friend.

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Does Walking a Dog Keep their Nails Short?

Not everyone can afford to go to a professional groomer to get their dog’s nails trimmed. Nor do they enjoy trying to do it themselves. It can be difficult to get those nails short enough so that they do not hurt your dog.

There is some good news here. You can simply walk your dog and shorten those nails at the same time. Walking them on hard surfaces makes sure your pet gets those nails short enough to not bother them.

The drawback to this method is that the nails cannot be too long when you begin your walk. You will need to trim them up a little bit first to get any extra benefit from those walks.

What you also have to watch out for is that those hard surfaces are not good for your dog’s joints and bones. You have to make sure to give your dog time on the soft ground during the same walk.

Also, look at your dog when they are standing still. If your pet is favoring a paw and not standing on it correctly, then the problem may be a nail or two. Just be careful as your dog’s nails cannot be too short either and you run the risk of doing that when you walk your dog on hard surfaces.

How Can I Shorten My Dog’s Nails Naturally?

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The bad news is that there is only one way to naturally shorten your dog’s nails. The good news is that when you use this method you get more bonding time and a lot more fun. Plus, you may get the exercise you need at the same time.

A dog’s nails are always growing thus it is imperative that you keep them short as much as possible. The only natural way to do this is for you to take your dog for nice walks on hard surfaces.

If you do not use this method, then you will have to trim your dog’s nails more often. Those nails need to be kept at the perfect length. That length is not too long, not too short but just right.

If you are not sure what is just right for a dog’s nails, talk to a few professional groomers or your vet. They will be happy to tell you this information especially if your dog is a fighter. As long as they do not have to endure the resistance, they will help you as much as possible.

How Do Wild Dogs Keep Their Nails Short?

Wild dog outoors

This is an interesting question. If you have seen strays in your neighborhood or city, you may have asked this question yourself. The answer is quite simple, the wild dog’s life is different from your domesticated dog’s life.

In most cases, wild dogs are constantly walking and running on hard surfaces. Those activities and environment naturally trim those nails, so they do not get over-grown.

Also, the wild dogs do a lot of digging and scratching throughout their lifetime. Those two activities help keep those nails nice and trim. Your pet may do a lot of digging and scratching at times, but you can take steps to stop those activities.

Thus, your dog’s nails get longer because they are not doing anything that wears those nails down. Also, your pet may not walk on hard surfaces very often. That means you need to keep trimming those nails yourself.

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Some Final Words

Long haired black and tan dog laying on a deck

If you do not have a lot of extra time on your hands to trim nails, then take your dog for a good walk. This will kill three birds with one stone. Not only will you trim those nails without stress, but you will also give your dog and yourself plenty of the right exercise.

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