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Porch Potty Reviews

Pomeranian peeing on artificial grass

It’s one of the most difficult tasks for every dog owner to house train their pet. However, a porch potty can offer amazing assistance to achieve this goal. This excellent tool is extremely beneficial for teaching manners and good habits to young pups. Depending on the owner’s choice, it can either be used indoors or outdoors (in a balcony).

Porch potties can be made with both, artificial or real grass. Consequently, you can select the surface that is perfect for your specific requirements. They also let your canines keep up with their rough and tumble without causing any damage to your yard. You can find many types of porch potty in the market and each one of them has its own pros and cons.

Best Porch Potty for Dogs

You need to consider several factors (size, durability, cost, etc.) for finding the best potty for your dog. Thanks to a never-ending list of alternatives, it can be quite challenging to select a suitable product. For this reason, we have compiled a list of some of the best porch potties that you can buy.

Convenient Dog Bathroom from Porch Potty

Porch Potty Standard Without Sprinklers, Outer Dimensions 26" x 50" x 7", Grass Area 8 Square Feet (4' x 2')

This dog potty is ideal for your dog if he/she likes the feel of grass. The unique design allows immediate drainage to the Catch Basin that is stored under the potty. Alternatively, you can drain it directly by using its 14′ hose.

This product from Porch Potty also comes with an optional feature of a sprinkler. It can be used to water the grass top of the dog potty after the solid waste has been removed. This dog bathroom can accommodate dogs of all sizes (5-120 pounds).

Artificial Grass Porch Potty from PETMAKER

PETMAKERThe Indoor Restroom Puppy Potty Trainer for Pets, Medium, Green (80-ST2025)

This relatively large porch potty is the best-selling dog litter box on Amazon. It is equally beneficial for big dogs and puppies because the potty is available in different sizes. It is highly recommended for busy dog parents and is an effective product for training apartment dogs.

The use of different materials, like synthetic plastic and hard plastic, makes this porch potty durable and non-toxic. This artificial grass product is ideal for indoor usage because it aids in keeping off the odor.

The cleaning process of this dog potty is very convenient due to its three-layer system. You simply need to rinse all the layers with soapy water to clean them up. The durable collection tray of this product always keeps your floor safe from urine and other liquids.

Indoor Dog Potty from Blyss Pets

Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty, No Torn Potty Pads! Keep Paws Dry! Protect Floors! Easy Cleanup On Pads! for Puppies, Small Dogs & Cats, 1 Puppy Pad Holder Tray, Guarantee

Are you looking for a porch potty that could keep your puppy clean at all times? If your answer is YES, this is the dog potty that you can trust. Its specialized design has high punched grills that allow the urine to pour straight underneath. As a result, the paws of your dog stay dry and he/she can’t contaminate your home.

Other than that, this indoor dog potty is easy-to-clean and is regarded as one of the most durable products. Despite its high quality and amazing features, this porch potty comes at a very reasonable price. The only drawback of this potty is that it’s NOT recommended for large dog breeds.

Real Grass Dog Toilet from Doggie Lawn

Real Grass Dog Potty (Disposable) - Medium 20in

This porch potty is the perfect investment for your dog if you are always away from home. This is because the potty will always keep the dog from messing up even when you are not around. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance because it’s made from real grass. Therefore, you won’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning this dog toilet.

The natural grass pad of this porch potty is accompanied by a cardboard tray for collecting liquids. This amazing product also comes with a free training session, which is quite helpful for housetraining your dog. This dog potty can be used indoors as well as outdoors because it can be moved around easily. Last but not least, the floor-friendly base of this dog bathroom keeps your home clean and fresh.

Benefits of a Porch Potty 

It may look like an unnecessary expenditure to some owners, but a porch potty is definitely worth the deal. The following are some benefits of a dog potty that makes it a blessing for canine owners.

Saving Hours and Money

Hand putting coins in a jar

These training toilets can help you to save some precious hours that will be required for cleaning the dog’s mess. Similarly, it can also be useful for saving money as the damage to floors and furniture is minimized. A porch potty will make sure that your pet is NOT contaminating the house while you are at work.

Avoid Health Problems

The presence of a dog potty within the house means that your dog never has to hold for too long. This will save him/her from a lot of medical implications that are associated with the forced holding of pee. For example, your canine can develop a urinary tract infection, which can be quite painful for your pet. A porch potty offers a very feasible solution to avoid such problems because your pup can use it conveniently.  

Provide Relief in Nasty Weather

Owner walking dog in the snow

Just like humans, dogs can have fears and phobias to the point of not being able to do certain things. In canines, the fear of bad weather can be so bad that they may refuse to go outside. Consequently, your pup will be forced to hold it for much longer if it’s raining outside. In these circumstances, a porch potty means a safer and easier choice for your dog to relieve himself/herself.

Easier Life for Aging Dogs

Not all dogs can just get up and go when they feel like urinating/defecating. There could be several reasons for that and aging is definitely one of them.

Older dogs are much more vulnerable to certain diseases (e.g. diabetes) that can trigger frequent urination. It can be difficult for them to keep going to an outdoor bathroom because of their aging bodies. For this reason, your senior pup will always appreciate an indoor dog potty to ensure easier access.

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