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What Is De-Shedding?

Yellow lab being brushed outdoors

It is not a complicated process. Once you understand the term, you will know what it is you are to do when you see your dog sheds. There are quite a few dog breeds that do shed, which makes knowing this process all the more important.

De-shedding is simply removing your dog’s loose fur before it has a chance to hit your floors, carpets, or furniture. This process focuses on the undercoat of your dog’s fur and getting rid of the fur that brushing or combing cannot reach.

Brushing and combing usually target the upper coat making it ineffective against loose fur in the undercoat.

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Does De-Shedding Work?

Yes, it does if done properly. When you apply the de-shedding process to your dog’s thick coat, you remove a lot of furs that would normally pile up around your home.

It will take the right tools to get this task done correctly. You want those tools that are designed to work with the undercoat of your pet. Those tools that are designed to work with the top coat may not work very well on the undercoat.

To de-shed properly, you need to separate the two coats and then pick up the undercoat tool and follow its instructions for use. It should not take you that long to complete this process, and hopefully, your dog will remain still while you give him or her this treatment.

You will see a big difference in your pet as now their bodies can regulate their temperature and keep your pet cooler on those hot days. All you need to do is give your dog this treatment once a week to make sure those hairs do not get all over the place.

Is De-Shedding Good for Dogs?

Husky puppy being brushed on the side of its face

There is nothing wrong with de-shedding to your double-coat dog. In fact, it is a very highly recommended procedure if you do not want endless hours of cleaning up loose dog fur from all over your home.

It certainly does not hurt your pet when you add this treatment to their weekly schedule. The key will be in knowing when to stop using it and let your dog just live normally for a while.

During shedding season, this is a good process to do each week to make sure that winter or summer coats do not spoil your nice clean home. Plus, it helps them be healthier as their bodies will be able to do their duties easier.

What Is a De-Shedding Process?

Golden retriever laying on hardwood floors being brushed

The de-shedding process is merely the removal of unwanted fur from your dog’s coat. This is usually done during the shedding season, as your dog will need its full summer and winter coats until those seasons have passed.

What it does is remove unwanted fur from your dog’s body just before they are about to leave it around the house. You only need to do this about once or twice a week for 10 to 20 minutes, and that loose fur is collected.

Then you just throw that loose fur away before it gets to be a problem for you and your cleaning duties. Make sure it does not get flushed down the bathtub’s drain or anywhere else that has pipes attached.

You do not want to have a clogged pipe to deal with next. Just collect it and throw the fur in the trash when you are done.

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How Long Does De-Shedding a Dog Last?

Gray and white poodle mix with a brush in its mouth

The process depends on the size of your dog. De-shedding a small dog should not take that long, and it is the initial time that you do this that will take the longest. There is just more fur to deal with. After that, you can expect the process to take between 10 and 20 minutes.

With larger dogs, it should take upwards of 2 hours before the initial treatment is finished. After that, you can expect at least another 20 to 30 minutes for each treatment after that approx. It is hard to say how long as all dogs do not sit still for this process.

The key here is to be careful, as the de-shedding tools can be abrasive and harm your dog’s skin. So, watch out for those tools and make sure they are safe to use.

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Some Final Words

Person brushing black and white dog's ears

De-shedding your pet can be done by a professional groomer or you can do this at home. Some people like to take their dog to the groomer’s for the first few times and watch how they do it.

That will give you an idea of what you are to do when you try it on your own. Just make sure to buy good de-shedding tools to make the experience for your dog better.

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