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How Long Does De-Shedding A Dog Last?

White Samoyed standing in grass with a dog brush in its mouth

Shedding is not a great time of year. All dogs shed, and when they do, they can leave a mess behind. If you are the type that likes a clean house, then shedding can ruin that for you. Dogs will leave hair everywhere, and if those fallen hairs get wet, they are difficult to clean up.

You can hope that de-shedding will stop that mess from accumulating. It can and will, however, with some dog breeds, you may be de-shedding every week. All de-shedding does is reduce the number of loose hairs you will find around your nice clean home.

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How Often Should You Use a De-Shedding Brush?

This will depend on your dog’s breed and what type of coat they come with. When you own a smooth coat dog breed, then you should be de-shedding once a week.

Some dogs shed all the time and do not wait for shedding season, so you have to do weekly maintenance on those dog breeds. If your dog is a double-coat breed, then you only have to de-shed twice a year.

Those times are during the shedding season, which happens in the Spring and Fall seasons. A long-coat dog only needs to pout through de-shedding once a month. Their long coat should trap most of the short undercoat hairs before they fall onto the floor.

Then the wire coat dog breed needs either a weekly de-shedding treatment or a monthly one. Which schedule you have to follow will depend on the dog breed you own.

But if you own a curly coat dog, you may get a break from not only de-shedding but shedding as well. These dogs do not normally shed that much, if they shed at all. You do not have to do any de-shedding when you own this dog breed.

Smooth-coat dogs are the last on the list, and they are similar to smooth-coat pets. You should de-shed them once a week to make sure most of their loose fur is removed.

How Often Should I De-Shed My Dog?

Corgi sitting on a wood surface being brushed

The schedule you keep is going to be up to you. Your lifestyle may not give you much time to de-shed your pet, and some time frames listed above may be too frequent for you to maintain.

Of course, your de-shedding schedule will depend on the type of dog you own and what breed it is from. As you see by the schedule above, some dogs only need it monthly or twice a year. That should fit into your schedule quite easily.

Of course, the smooth and short dog breeds may shed more often, but their fur is so short you may not see those fallen hairs, and you can relax their de-shedding schedule somewhat.

In any case, you need to look at the recommended frequencies above and determine which one will best fit your schedule and lifestyle. In many cases, if you have older children, they can do the work for you when they get home from school or have some free time.

The key is you do de-shedding if you do not want to see all that fur lying around your home. It is said that some owners can get up to 80% of the loose fur on their dogs. That is a large amount of fur you do not have to clean up later on.

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The Tools You Will Need to De-Shed Your Pet

Dog brush on a pink background

Brushing is not the best way to get at those loose hairs. It may work on short and smooth hair dogs, but for those dogs with an undercoat, a brush is not going to cut it.

The brush will reach the topcoat just fine, but it is the undercoat that you need to worry about. The short hair dogs will be fine with just a slicker brush. Their fur is not that long.

But for the double-coat dog breeds, you will need a de-shedding tool. This tool should be on sale wherever dog supplies are sold. Just go to your favorite pet store or department store and see what selection is on sale.

Pick the best one, so you do not have to keep buying one every few months.

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Some Final Words

Close up of a Jack Russell Terrier being combed

De-shedding is one way to keep your home nice and clean from dog hair. It can be an unsightly mess, and your guests may not like to sit in dog hair when they visit.

It should only take about 10 to 20 minutes to de-shed your dog each week. The initial time will get the most hair, and each time after that will be easy. You will find less hair to remove.

De-shedding helps your dog regulate their body temperature better, so you are doing them a favor.

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