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How To De-Shed a Short Hair Dog

Pug on a humans lap being brushed

One would think that a short hair dog breed would shed less than a double or long-coat dog breed. But that may not be the case. The longer-coat dog breeds usually trap their loose hair in the longer hairs.

The double-coat dog breeds are usually only shed twice a year. It is the short-coat dog breed that generally sheds all year round and leaves a lot of hair behind. To de-shed this dog breed correctly, you need the right tools and set aside about 10 minutes per week to do it right.

A slicker brush may be the best tool when your short hair dog is looking to shed some fur.

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How Can I Help My Short-Haired Dog Shedding?

There are different things you can do for your dog when they are ready to shed. One would be to brush their fur regularly so that those loose hairs fall out in one spot and are easy to clean up.

Or you can pick up a nice glove designed to brush your dog. This is a great way to bond better, and your dog may like the long strokes you use to clear away any loose fur.

Then you can give him or her a bath about once a month or twice a month. How often will be up to you, but a bath helps get rid of those loose hairs in the tub. That makes it easy to clean up.

Don’t forget to make sure your dog gets a nutritious meal all the time. A meal full of vitamins and minerals helps your dog grow a strong coat that may not shed that much. Also, don’t forget to keep your dog well-hydrated all the time.

Do Short Hair Dogs Need De-Shedding?

Pug blurred in background with a shedding comb in the foreground.

Unfortunately, yes, they do. Short hair dogs are notorious for shedding, but they do not shed only twice a year. Usually, this dog breed will shed all the time. It doesn’t matter the season, as they are constantly changing their coats.

One difference between a short hair dog and a double-coat dog when it comes to shedding will be the amount of hair they let go of at one time. Another difference will be the tools you use.

Most short hair dogs do not need a shedding tool, as a brush will suffice. They do not normally grow a thick undercoat, so a de-shedding tool may not work that well on their fur.

The key to de-shedding your short hair dog will be to do this every week. This session should only take between 10 and 20 minutes each time.

After the initial de-shedding time, the process should go a lot faster as you will have less hair to worry about each time.

Do De-Shedding Brushes Work on Short Hair Dogs?

Deshedding brush full of dog fur isolated on a white background.

Sure, they will. There are a lot of top brushes you can buy to use on your short hair dog. Here are a few of those brushes that may work for you:

Grooming Mitt

This can be a soft and gentle way to de-shed your dog. It may also give your dog a great feeling, and they will come back asking for more. This is a simple way to get those loose hairs off your pet before they make it to your floors or furniture.

Rubber Brush

This type of grooming brush acts like a magnet that attracts loose fur as you brush your pet. While the rubber nubs catch the loose fur, they also massage your dog’s body, helping them to relax and enjoy the treatment.

Slicker Brush

Slicker brush for dogs full of dog hair isolated on a white background.

Those fine wires are close enough together to help you pick up those loose dog hairs very quickly. The wires are rounded, so they won’t hurt your pet, but they won’t massage him or her either.

Shedding Rake

While not really a rake, it does come with teeth to make sure you can comb those loose hairs away before they become a cleaning problem. It works on short hair dogs quite well.

Bristle Brushes

This is the best option in some people’s minds. The bristles work well with short or smooth hair dog breeds. What makes them special is that along with the dog hair, you can get any debris left in your dog’s fur as well as leave a nice shiny coat behind.

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Some Final Words

Chihuahua sitting on a wooden surface looking over at a glass bowl full of dog fur

Short hair dogs are not hard to de-shed. The difficulty comes when you have to do this on a weekly basis. But that frequency may help you two bond better and make sure you do not get angry at your dog when they leave hair all over the place.

De-shedding does not stop shedding. It just cuts the number of hairs that you see down.

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