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How To Trim a Yorkie Face

Groomer trimming a yorkie's face

This dog breed does come with good looks. Their faces are unique and display an intelligence level that many dog breeds do not have. But if you fail to trim their face, all the good qualities of the Yorkie face are lost.

Their faces need to be trimmed as the long hair can impede their eyesight and make it hard for your little Yorkie to move about. Just trim the long hairs back to keep them out of the eyes of your pup

There are other duties to do to keep your Yorkie’s face looking good. Keep reading to find out what you need to do.

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How Do You Cut a Yorkies Face at Home?

One of the best tools to use will be a nice electric trimmer. This tool gets the job done quickly and makes sure your Yorkie’s face looks like a professional did the work.

Start with the ears to make sure they are free from any hairs tangling them up. Then when you get to the whiskers, switch from the clippers to a sharp pair of scissors. Be gentle when you cut, and make sure to use the scissors around the eyes as well.

You want to stay in full control of the tools, so you do not hurt your little dog. Also, when you get started, take the time to get your dog nice and calm. Put them on a non-slip surface, so they always have their footing. This will help keep them calm.

Before you cut, comb the fur, and get any debris caught in the fur out. A fine toothcomb will do the trick. Also, work on the big knots first. Once those are gone trimming the fur will be easy.

Should I Cut the Hair Around My Yorkies Eyes?

Yorkie puppy with a shorter haircut

Yes, you should. Since this hair can grow long like the other hairs on your Yorkie’s body, they need to be cut. If you don’t, they can grow so long that your little dog won’t be able to see very well.

When you do this part of the trimming task, be careful. You do not want your dog jerking their heads or trying to move away from the scissors. If that happens, you run the risk of hurting your dog or their eyes.

Take your time and make sure to cut along the bridge of the nose, both sides. Make sure to only use the tips of the scissors to make these cuts. As you go, make sure to comb the hair around the eyes to make sure you do not miss any.

If you get a firm cut line, use your thinning shears to smooth out the hairs, so they look nice. You should never use clippers in this area of their face. Accidents do happen when your dog gets scared of the noise made by the electric clippers.

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Can You Cut the Whiskers of a Yorkie?

Close up of a Yorkie's face

This can be a tough call as many owners like to trim those whiskers to obtain a certain look for their pet. The reason this is a tough call is that even though they are small and not thought to be important, those dog whiskers carry out many important duties for your pet.

Some of those duties are protection. They are an early warning system when airborne particles are flying toward your dog’s eyes. Then they are a communication tool that sends different messages when your dog is in different moods.

Also, their whiskers help the dog determine if they are small enough to fit through an opening in the fence, etc. The list goes on. The whiskers on a dog are very important to their lives.

Now, the question is, can you trim those whiskers? Yes, you can, and some people do it. However, the most important question is, should you, do it? The answer to that question is no.

A dog’s whiskers, including your Yorkie, are not decorative features. They are an important sensory organ for your dog, and they should not be trimmed. When cut, the dog may not be able to make the proper judgments about objects, holes, and so on. Their confidence may suffer as well.

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Some Final Words

Yorkie with a ponytail on top of its head standing outdoors in grass.

Trimming your Yorkie’s face is important as long as you leave those whiskers alone. You want your pet to be able to see properly and look good at the same time. So be careful when you trim your dog’s fur around its face.

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