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How To Train a Yorkie to Walk on a Leash

Yorkie on a leash standing in grass with a red bow in her hair

Just like you, no matter the size of your dog, from the tiny Yorkie to the large St. Bernard, your pet needs exercise. It is just like the doctor ordered, plenty of rest, nutritious food, and plenty of exercise to keep your dog in good health.

The difference, though, for Yorkies and large dogs is that, usually, they can get plenty of exercise just running around inside your home. While that is a safe place to be, you should train your Yorkie to walk on a leash. That way, they get plenty of fresh air.

To train your little dog to a leash, use a few treats to make it a positive time for them

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How Do You Walk a Yorkie?

The first step is to realize that they will not have the stamina a larger dog will have. Yorkies only have so much energy, and when that is expended, they may stop walking and go no further.

They are not being stubborn but are just tired out and need some rest. The second step would be to get them used to the leash before you take them outside. Letting them know this is a positive part of their lives goes a long way in training your pet.

Then, you have to watch the outside temperature. If the heat level is above 84 degrees F, it is best to keep your little guy or girl inside your home. Find some games to play that will provide the right amount of exercise for them.

Then if the temperature level is below 46 degrees F, do not take your dog outside. It will be just too cold for your dog. Again, find some indoor games to help get the exercise your little pet needs.

Yorkies do not need a lot of exercise to stay healthy. Their small size will dictate how much time they should be outside on a leash.

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How Do I Get My Stubborn Dog to Walk on a Leash?

Yorkie in a harness outdoors

One expert claims that this problem arises when your little Yorkie does not recognize you as the leader. They will challenge you all the time, even refusing to walk. To solve this problem, you have to establish yourself as the leader in your Yorkie’s eyes.

Then before you put them on the leash, you should let your little dog get used to the leash and collar. Put them on the floor and let your dog sniff them to see that there is no danger in those walking items.

As they realize the leash and collar are no threat, put them on your dog and hold your dog in a nice hug. The more positive you can make this experience, the better.

You may want to feed them a little treat at this stage. Then you can try using exciting commands, like walk outside and others, to get your dog moving towards the door. Don’t forget to praise them and reward them with this response.

That is going to be one of your keys to getting your stubborn Yorkie walking on a leash. You may have to use a lot of treats in the beginning until he or she realizes that walking on a leash is a good thing.

You can also try putting the leash on, then walking to the end of the leash, crouching down, and holding your arms open for a big hug. Keep doing this until your dog realizes that walking on the leash is okay.

How Do You Know You Walked Your Yorkie Too Far?

Overhead view looking down the leash at a yorkie sitting in grass

This is the danger with this small dog breed. Yorkies only have so much energy, and then they stop walking. When this happens, do not get angry at your dog. They are just too tired to continue.

The signs that you walked too far are:

1. Your dog is panting heavily, and saliva is forming at the corner of their mouths

2. You have walked for about 20 to 30 minutes, and your Yorkie refuses to take another step.

3. When you return home, and your Yorkie sleeps the rest of the day or does not stop drinking water, then you walked him or her too far.

All of these signs mean you need to adjust your walking schedule and make those walks a little bit shorter.

Some Final Words

Close up of a yorkie on a leash

Walking a Yorkie is not like walking any larger breed. They can only take so much exercise then they need to rest for a long time. Be gentle to your Yorkie, as they do not have the strength other dog breeds have.

A little exercise is okay, but too much may harm your pet.

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