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How To Train a Yorkie to Use a Pee Pad

Person laying out pee pad on floor

It is a fact of owning a dog; no matter where you live, when you bring a dog home, you have to housebreak them. This can take time, and you need some patience while training your dog, as mistakes will happen.

One way to help housebreak your Yorkie is to use a pee pad. Just place it in the corner of a room, not too close to their food and water dishes. Then wait. Puppies like to use the bathroom often, and you can just direct them to the pee pad and get them to use it over your floor.

Just make sure to reward them when they use the pad, so they learn that it is their spot to use.

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How Do I Stop My Yorkie from Peeing in The House?

The first thing you need to do is to use the word ‘no’. But this command only works when you catch them in the act or immediately after the act. Using the command ‘no’ even 30 minutes later won’t make it a valuable command. Your dog won’t understand why you are saying no.

The second thing is to determine what is causing the peeing. If it is a lack of proper training, then take the time to re-train your puppy. Yorkies are smart, and some of them can be trained within 2 months.

However, there are some Yorkies that take longer to learn, and you have to keep training them until they catch on.

Next, if your Yorkie has an accident in the house, clean that mess up right away, tell them no and show them where they are to go to the bathroom. If you do not clean up the mess and remove the smell, your Yorkie will return to that spot and pee there again.

Another way to help train your pet to pee in the designated spots is to put them on a potty schedule. You can arrange this according to your own schedule, but be consistent and make sure each day they get to go at the same time.

Or you can do what some owners do, train your Yorkie to go to the bathroom on your homes or apartment’s porch. Just leave the door open so they can go in and out without worry

Finally, you can get your little dog fixed. This surgery does one good thing. It stops your dog from marking its territory, which can include your nice furniture.

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What Is the Easiest Way to Potty Train A Yorkie?

Yorkie puppy outdoors

You will hear stories that Yorkies are stubborn and hard to train. That is true for some Yorkies but not all. This dog breed is not any harder to housebreak than any other dog breed. You will have some very compliant dogs and some very stubborn dogs.

They are also like every other dog breed. They can hold their pee, etc., for one hour for every month they are alive. That information will help you create a potty schedule to monitor their bathroom breaks throughout the day.

While there are many methods you can use, the best and easiest way to train your Yorkie is through positive reinforcement. Try to avoid the negative reinforcement options and focus on the positive.

That way, your dog will learn faster and be more willing to use the same spots every day. If you are looking for a specific method, then pad training is probably the easiest method to use.

This will come in handy when your dog has to wait till morning before it can go outside. Using treats to reward your pet when they go on the pad will give you peace of mind as you sleep.

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Tips To Potty Train Your Yorkie

Close up of a Yorkie in the foreground with someone sleeping in the background.

1. Be Consistent- Use the same commands, the same actions, and the same place and make sure to reward your puppy for doing their potty right.

2. Use Praise- Make sure to praise your dog when they get it right. This helps them remember to do it that way and, in that place, again.

3. Take Your Dog Outside and Use Verbal Commands- Don’t just open the door and let them go outside. Pick them up and place them on the potty spot and say ‘potty’ or use another command. Just make sure to use the same command every time you do this.

4. Be Kind- When they have an accident, do not ‘hit the roof’. Stay calm but be firm and use an angry tone of voice in the right way. Don’t hit or scream at them, as that may cause some potty problems later on.

Some Final Words

Yorkie outdoors standing in grass

Potty training your Yorkie is going to take patience, especially if you get a stubborn dog. But no matter what, be kind when you train your pet, so they do not become afraid of you.

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