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8 Best Dog Pool Ladders

inground pool with ladder

Do you own a Velcro dog who wants to accompany you even if it means jumping inside a swimming pool? If the answer is YES, you need to ensure that the pool is safe and accessible for your canine companion. Getting out of the pool is the biggest hurdle for dogs and the ultimate goal is to solve this problem.

The traditional pool ladders are not suitable for the paws of our four-legged companions. Therefore, we need specialized dog pool ladders to provide an easier escape to our pets. Following are some of the best dog pool ladders that you can purchase for your pup.

Pool Ladders for Dogs

Although we recommend all the dog owners to install a dog ladder for the pool, it is an absolute necessity for those people who have an above ground swimming pool. In contrast to usual pool ladders, steps are much easier for dogs to climb with their wet paws. For this reason, all the pool ladders that we have selected have wide steps.

Staircase Style Pool Steps

This product is one of the best alternatives when we talk about pool safety ladders for dogs. It has extra-wide steps (about 31 inches) and can withstand up to 400 pounds of weight. The non-skid material of this pool ladder makes it even more secure for your pets and children. This solid set of steps is easy to assemble and includes mounting brackets that are used for fastening.

Step and Ladder System

If you are looking for an all-round pool ladder, nothing could beat the efficiency of this step and ladder system. It can hold up to 350 pounds of weight and require very little maintenance or cleaning (made of polyethylene). The width of every step is 21 inches and the ladder steps are 11 inches away from each other.

In addition to that, this pool ladder for dogs meets all the NSPI standards. All these features make it an ideal product for those people who have young children and dogs.

PupSTEP Plus Dog Stairs

Do you need a lightweight, portable, and durable pool ladder for dogs? These stylish, foldable steps provide an ultimate solution that will end your search. The non-slip surface of these stairs keeps your pets safe while they are going in or out of the pool. Similarly, these steps come with non-skid feet that help them to stay steady, even on tiled floors.

Although it can take up to 120 pounds, this super-lightweight product is ideal for small to medium dog breeds. These dog stairs are extremely easy to clean as you can wipe them with any household cleaner. Once you are done with your swimming drill, you can fold them down easily for storing purposes.

PoolPup Steps

The very first benefit of this dog ladder is that it can be used for both in-ground and above-ground pools. Even though these steps are made up of lightweight plastic, they are durable (chlorine and UV resistant). Similarly, this product has a skid-free finishing that prevents your canine from slipping. These steps are best suited for small to medium dogs and are NOT recommended for large breeds.    

Dog Swim Ladder

The WAG Boarding Steps provide better stability than most dog pool ladders in the market. They have a non-slippery surface and 4” step height that is ideal for dogs of all sizes. This dog swim ladder is easy to install and doesn’t cause any damage to your pool liner. Likewise, it is quite convenient to remove this ladder for storage.

Although it is a little expensive in comparison to other alternatives, this product is highly recommended due to its quality. Therefore, if you have the budget, this dog pool ladder should be your priority.

Dog Pool Ramps

As an alternative to pool ladders, dog pool ramps can also be used to assist your canine’s movement. In addition to safety, these ramps also allow your pets to cool down and exercise while swimming. Some of the best dog ramps for water are discussed below.

Folding Pet Ramp

This dog ramp has a solid staircase with no space between the steps. The rubberized material of this ramp makes it slip-resistant and rust-proof. This means that your canine can use it without the fear of any mishap. The advanced composite plastic construction means that this dog ladder can hold up to 500 pounds.

Because it is made for boats, the plastic of this dog ramp doesn’t get bleached out by the sun. All these characteristics make this product an excellent pool ladder for dogs.

Skamper Dog Pool Ramp

This lightweight dog ramp attaches easily to the side of the swimming pool. It has a non-skid rubber surface and flips out of the way when the dog is not using it. High-quality plastic is used to make this ramp due to which it doesn’t corrode or rust. Similarly, it is quite convenient to clean as you can wash it with soap and water.

The design of this skamper ramp is very dog-friendly. In fact, this product is regarded as the best choice for dogs that suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis.

Multi-purpose Ramp

The built-in grooves of this pet ramp make it an extremely easy product to use. Simply attach the grooves and help your dog in or out of a swimming pool or a car. Consequently, this portable dog ramp can be used for several different purposes.

The soft-textured surface of this ramp is extremely safe for your pet because it is non-slip. Similarly, this pocket-friendly product can hold up to 500 pounds, which makes it suitable for all dog breeds. All these factors make this durable dog ramp a really good purchase.

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