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6 Puppy Pen Ideas

puppies in outdoor puppy playpen

Puppies somehow tend to get into all sorts of trouble. They are not as strong or sturdy as full-grown dogs and must be kept under supervision. Puppy pens can prove effective for keeping your young pups safe.

When making or buying a pen for your puppies, keep in mind that they love playing. Therefore, it is generally a good idea to include toys in the pen to keep your pet distracted. Similarly, consider the following factors while selecting a puppy pen.

  • Size of your puppy: Puppies can get stressed in areas that are too small for them. The larger your dog is, the larger its pen needs to be.
  • Location of the pen: Many pens are made for either indoor or outdoor environments. If your dog loves exercising, an outdoor puppy pen is a better idea.
  • Portability: Portable pens can be stored easily when not in use. Take this into account if you don’t want a dog pen to take unnecessary space in your home.
  • Adjustability: Certain playpens are modular and can be assembled into various shapes and sizes.
  • Ease of assembly: Some indoor dog pens require more assembly than others. Don’t go for such an option if you have a hectic schedule.
  • Your Pup’s Desire to Escape: Certain puppies have a really strong urge to escape playpens. You MUST go for a durable alternative if you own such a canine.

Outdoor Puppy Pen Ideas

Outdoor pens are great if your dog exercises a lot. Most indoor pens will fail to fulfill this role because they lack proper flooring or space in them. Likewise, outdoor pens are generally more durable and have certain useful features, like waterproofing.

Wide Puppy Pen

Wide Puppy Pen- puppy in outdoor playpen with grass

A puppy pen should always be comfortable. There should be ample space for the puppy to move around. Similarly, it is a good idea to have a wide and flat flooring for the dog pen. This will make sure that the puppy can run around safely without harming itself.

On the other hand, precaution is also necessary because puppies will do anything to get in trouble. Therefore, the enclosure should have a fence high enough to keep the puppy inside. All these features make a wide puppy pen an ideal alternative for outdoor purposes. Making such a pen is quite straightforward as you can buy pre-built kennel fence and flooring at most pet stores.

Tall Dog Kennel

dogs in outdoor Tall Dog playpen set up on deck.

A tall dog pen is perfect if you have multiple puppies. Fresh air is good for your pets so try to get a fence that has small holes/gaps in it. However, the spaces shouldn’t be big enough to let the puppies out. Always remember that puppies are curious beings who keep pushing at their pen fence.

Having said that, your young dogs would love to stay inside the kennel if you provide toys inside the cage. If there’s enough space, you can also add ramps and benches to make the dog exhaust his energies. This is a perfect method to handle hyperactive dogs who love breaking things around the house.

Sauna-Looking Dog Kennel

This kennel gets its name from the striking resemblance it has to a sauna. It provides a safe space for your dog to play while you clean the whole house without any interruption. This dog kennel can accommodate a few small dogs or one big dog.

Make sure that the size of the pen is well-measured so that the dog is neither depressed nor stressed. A kennel that is too small (or even too big) can make your pet worried.

Indoor Puppy Pen Ideas 

small white dog laying down in indoor puppy pen.

Many commercial indoor puppy pens are popular because they are well-designed and cheap. However, if you are planning to build one, the principles are the same as that of outdoor kennels. The only difference is that flooring is not often needed for indoor pens.

Soft-sided Pen

This portable pen from amazon is perfect for your puppy due to several reasons. A massive benefit of this kennel is that it is really easy to set up. The material used to make this pen is durable and waterproof. Similarly, the zip-off bottom is also a really good feature.

The only problem with this kennel is that big dogs can easily damage it (due to its lightweight design).

Budget Wire-Fence Pen

Budget Wire-Fence Pen

The best thing about this puppy pen is that it comes in different sizes. The fence is tall enough to keep most puppies in and depending on the size you get; it can be between 24 inches to 48 inches. The pen can be assembled in various shapes and can even be used outdoors.

This sturdy product offers great value for money due to its economical price. It is best suited for multiple small dogs who could play with one another in a safe zone.

Indoor Fenced Playpen Area

picket fence

While commercially available puppy pens are quite good, you can also make a playpen at home. Simply cut the wooden planks in the desired shape and fix them to one another in a row. After that, make a small door opening at one end.

Adjust the three-sided fence into the wall or just put fences on all sides to complete the playpen. You can plain the wood to make it look better. Don’t forget to place some chew toys and treats for your puppy.


Puppy pens are a great way to safely confine your pet for a short period. For selecting the perfect playpen for your dog, you need to consider the size and temperament of your canine. Similarly, take into account the practical features (durability, portability, etc.) of the pen to make an informed decision.

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