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8 Toys to Keep Dogs Busy While I’m at Work

dog laying on hardwood floor surrounded by toys

It doesn’t matter how well-trained your dog is, boredom will always find a way to urge him/her towards negative behavior. In particular, long spells of loneliness can be a massive problem with the owners who work full-time. The use of interactive dog toys is an effective way to keep them busy while you are away. Some of the dog toys that can entertain your furry companion for hours are discussed below.

NOTE: Always keep the size of your dog in mind while purchasing a (suitable) dog toy.  

Interactive Dog Toys for Large Breeds

It can be a daunting task to find the right toys for larger dogs because they are smart and strong. They like to have a go on their toys and may even try to rip them apart. Therefore, it is necessary to find the best toys to keep them engaged.

Extreme Dental Chew by KONG

This chew toy from KONG (found on Amazon) is a specialized product for the most powerful dogs. The ultra-durable rubber material of this interactive toy can keep your dog busy while you are at work. After all, you don’t want your powerful chewer to suffer from boredom and develop destructive habits. Simply fill this dental chew with a treat and the canine will continue munching on it for hours. 

In addition to that, this interactive dog toy can also be used for a game of fetch. The unpredictable bounce (due to its uneven surface) is quite helpful in keeping your companion interested.

Buster Food Cube by OurPets

In addition to boredom, feeding your dog is another issue that you need to resolve before leaving him/her alone. This amazing food cube (found on Amazon) is the ultimate solution for both these problems. Load your dog’s favorite treats in this interactive toy and he/she will keep playing with it for hours. The food-dispensing speed of this product is slow enough to give your pet a decent workout.

This buster cube is made from a hard plastic that is virtually indestructible. Although it can be a little noisy, you won’t be around to get disturbed by it.

Mega Ring Dog Toy by Tuffy

Large breeds and stuff toys are often placed at the opposite ends of the spectrum. This is because the powerful jaws of the big pups are a little too much for these dog toys. The canines can chew through the fabric instantly and the toy becomes useless.

The Tuffy Mega Ring (Found on Amazon) is a pleasant exception that can cope with your big dog. It has seven layers of sewn fabric with two rows of cross stitching and two rows of linear stitching. This gives the world’s toughest soft dog toy the strength to cope with all the chewing.

Interactive Dog Toys for Small Breeds

Regular dog toys can’t keep your pup entertained for long while you are at work. Therefore, you need to find interesting alternatives that could provide sufficient mental and physical stimulation to your dog. The interactive dog toys offer a viable solution because they can keep your puppy engaged.

Pet Fitness Robot by VARRAM

This toy is nothing less than a blessing for those owners who often need to leave their dogs alone. This fitness robot that you can find on Amazon has 16 different modes to keep your dog busy. It provides your pet with ample exercise and allows you to track the fitness statistics of your athlete.

Other than that, this interactive toy can be used to dispense treats to your companion from time to time. Last but not least, the durable material of this interactive toy makes it tolerant of heavy chewing and licking.

Interactive Ball Launcher by iFetch

Most dog breeds require regular training for sharpening their physical physique and cognitive abilities. This interactive toy that you can find on Amazon serves both these purposes efficiently and that too in an entertaining way. It is so easy to launch balls in this product that your dog can do it on its own. Consequently, he/she can play with this toy even when you are at work.

This dog toy is also suitable for outdoor use because its throwing distance can be adjusted (10-30 feet). Therefore, it can also be a useful product when you go out for a picnic.

Zoo Friends Burrow by ZippyPaws

Are you looking for an interactive dog toy that is economical and effective? ZippyPaws (found on Amazon) have got you covered with this amazing product. These adorable monkeys can keep your dog occupied for hours while you are at work. The hide-and-seek design can attract the attention of your pup for hours as he/she tries to solve the puzzle.

Each of these animals is equipped with a high-quality squeaker that will enhance the entertainment of your pet. This interactive toy also comes in some other designs like Panda ‘n Bamboo.

Interactive Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers

Do you own a tough chewer who tears toys apart within minutes? Although it is irritating, you are not the only one who faces this trouble. These rough canines require solid toys that could withstand their powerful chewing. A couple of chew-proof dog toys are mentioned below.

Dinosaur Chew Toy by Nylabone

What’s better than maintaining good hygiene while satisfying your urge to chew? This durable dog toy comes in a package of 3 different designs and offers much more than entertainment.

All these dinosaurs are specifically made for heavy chewers and are useful for cleaning their teeth. The rounded nubs and bristles of these chicken-flavored toys brush your pup’s teeth and control the build-up of tartar. Surely the coolest dental chew you can get for your dog!

Indestructible Chew Toy by Goughnuts

Are you tired of wasting money on chew toys and want to get the toughest one for your rough companion? The MAXX 50 Ring (found on Amazon) is the product that can end your worries. This incredibly thick and durable toy is designed by mechanical and polymer engineers and is ideal for teething puppies.   

This amazing dog toy is made with a built-in safety feature. The inner red layer of this ring is covered by a strong black material. The toy is safe for your dog unless the red color is visible. If your dog manages to expose the red layer by tearing the black ring, you can get a FREE replacement from Goughnuts.

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