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How do I stop my dog from eating poop on a walk?

Dog clean up station

Another poop post, I know, but imagine you walking your dog and them not eating poop!

Your walk is more peaceful and less gross. 

It’s common for a dog to eat other animal’s poop. This is called coprophagia.

However, you can change this habit before it gets too bad. 

Balanced Diet

Jack Russell Terrier running with dog bowl

A balanced diet is helpful! Feeding our dogs the right food matters and what we provide them is even more critical; he/she needs a balanced diet like us humans do. If you are on a walk and your dog starts eating poop regularly, you may want to look at changing its diet. 

This is because your dog needs foods with digestive enzymes to be able to digest the nutrients. Your dog might need nutrients that they are not getting at home; they might go find it in other dogs poop.  

Also, please tell your vet that you are changing your dog’s diet, and ask if it’s good for them. Every dog is different. 

Training Your Dog Not To Eat Poop

When you see your dog eating another dog’s poop, don’t scream and yell at them. We all know that it does not work!  Actually, he might seem to be encouraged to do it, which he doesn’t understand. 

As much fun as you will have training him and solving the poop eating problem, changing this behavior takes time and patience. Not only will you have a dog not eating poop, you will have time to work on other behaviors/commands.

Reinforce Good behavior 

Overhead view of dog looking up at camera

Like us, dogs need the motivation to stop bad behavior and learn from what they do wrong.  When you have committed to training your dog to stop eating poop, you need to reward the action when he doesn’t. 

To have your dog forget the taste of poop, you might want to alternate his treats. When you tell him NO, leave it and if he does, offer him something in return.

Such as a treat or a good belly rub when you get home. 

Carry treats with you when walking your dog. It’s essential to be focused and attentive when training your dog. 

Command “Leave It” 

Our dogs view us as their companions,*********** so they want to please us as much as possible, which will come in handy when you want your dog to stop eating on their walks. The “Leave It” will also come in handy and something your dog and you should never forget. 

At home, you should practice it. So he can get used to the word when you guys are out walking or at the P-A-R-K.  It will help him know and understand that “I shouldn’t go there.”

 It will also encourage him not to go into restricted areas where he shouldn’t be.  This is one way to promote good behavior and thus promoting good health. 

Here’s a good video on how to train your dog with the “Leave It” command.

Bottom Line On How to Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop On a Walk. 

You should always pay attention to your dog’s health and change in behavior. He looks at you as a team member and counts on you. Training him well and also sometimes picking up other people’s dog poops helps also. It’s gross, I know, but it will help a great deal too. It will help your dog and other people’s animals too.  

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