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What to Feed a Sick Dog with No Appetite

brown dog laying down on a bed covered with a blanket with head across its paw.

It is more difficult to choose what to feed a sick dog than it is to just offer them food that they are less likely to vomit up. Everything is dependent on the source of your dog’s sickness. Take your dog to the veterinarian for diagnosis and to start treatment if required.

Suppose your dog is feeling unwell, such as if they have a cold or have eaten something that upsets their stomach, you should offer them bland food. Food for ill dogs like these has to settle in their stomach and stay there while also limiting the possibility of being vomited back up. Furthermore, bland food should assist your dog’s stomach in stopping churning and reduce the watery nature of his excrement.

If your dog has a more severe illness, its diet will need to be considerably more precise. For example, if they have cancer, they may need certain nutrients or different quantities of those than a healthy dog.

This is because their body will want assistance in many places, and diverse food kinds might help with this. As a result, you should always visit your veterinarian first, as it may help you detect and cure a problem more swiftly and in more ways than one.

There are a couple of fresh and easy foods to digest.

White Rice and Chicken:

chunks of cooked chicken and white rice on a white plate with a red napkin next to it on a wooden table

This is an excellent meal for ill dogs since it is bland but high in energy. It is well-known to feed this combination to your dog if they are vomiting, have diarrhea, or are generally sluggish or hesitant to eat. Because these two meals have a mild flavor, dogs that are vomiting may generally eat them.

Furthermore, it can reduce churning in a dog’s stomach or, at the very least, keep it from becoming worse while delivering nutrients to the youngster. When your dog is sick, they may heave and vomit more because they have an empty stomach. Therefore, it is vital to encourage them to consume simple meals like these.

White rice is high in carbs, and chicken is high in protein. Protein is excellent for healing, and carbohydrates can provide your dog with a sustained energy boost to help them feel better.

Bone Broth:

Top view of a pot of bone broth next to a plate of beef bones

Bone broth is another excellent option for dogs that are vomiting. It’s also great for dogs that are allergic to certain foods. You have the option of purchasing it from a store or preparing it yourself. All you need is a deep soup pan and a couple of beef bones with marrow in the centre, or a chicken carcass with the joints intact.

Simmer the water on low heat for 24 hours. The longer they cook, the more nutrients are released into the water. The longer they simmer, the more nutrients escape into the water. Allow the broth to cool after filtering out the bones before ladling it over your dog’s supper.

Shredded Chicken Breasts:

Shredded chicken breast meat on a white plate resting on a white background

As previously said, chicken is appealing to your dog, has health advantages, and is simple to consume due to its simplicity. It is, without a doubt, the best meal for ill dogs. Remember to keep the chicken simple, with no additional flavorings, and with little to no oil, if any, to keep your dog’s belly calm.

Bake two chicken breasts for thirty minutes on a baking sheet coated with aluminum foil at 350°F. Watch them in the bakery to make sure they don’t sparkle and that the chicken is thoroughly cooked. The inside should not be pink in any way.

Drain the excess oil from the tray and shred the chicken with two forks, pulling apart the flesh into tiny slices. If the chicken isn’t soft enough to accomplish this, simmer it for another 10 minutes.

Pumpkin or Sweet Potato:

Sliced and whole sweet potatoes on a wooden table

For dogs with constipation or diarrhoea sweet potato and potato give significant health benefits. Vitamins A, B6, and C, fibre and potassium are part of this programme. This helps to avoid constipation or diarrhoea by regulating a healthy intestine.


Fish fillets on a wooden tray with a piece of fabric laying to one side.

Fish has a strong odor that appeals to your dog and may even persuade a sick dog to eat. However, make sure that the fish is prepared since raw fish can be hazardous to ill dogs. To stimulate your pup’s hunger, boil some deboned chunks of fish and feed them to him.

Because this meal is soft, it may be suitable for dogs that have jaw or tooth issues. It can also help people who are unable to eat due to worry or sadness. You can offer this to moms suffering from postnatal depression, but make sure they are also getting other nutritious supplements. They require a lot of nutrients and minerals for themselves as well as to nurse their puppies.

A tiny quantity of fish can help stimulate your dog’s appetite if they have an upset stomach, but too much might upset their stomach even more.

Wet Food:

Orange bowl of wet dogfood on a wooden table

Appealing wet food is the most effective way to get your ill dog to eat when they don’t have an appetite. This can sometimes have a more attractive fragrance to your dog, especially if you heat the meal for ten to thirty seconds in the microwave.

You can buy and utilize wet food in a pouch, dry food combined with water, or even sure baby meals. Although you should exercise extreme caution when feeding your dog baby food, you should examine the contents to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals on the list.

Wet food can be nutritious, but it is often advised for dogs unable to eat due to fear or dental pain. The meal is fast and straightforward to consume. As a result, anxious dogs’ dental discomfort is reduced, and the feeding process is simpler.

 Baby Food:

3 jars of baby food-orange, white and green surrounded by sweet peas and carrots on a wooden table

Although it may appear strange, many veterinarian clinics have baby food on standby for dogs suffering the intestinal disease. Because baby food is blended and the mild components, it is easy to digest and does not aggravate the stomach more.

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