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How to Potty Train a Puppy on Pads Fast?

Brown puppy laying on a puppy pee pad on the floor

Potty training a puppy is one of the most important tasks for dog owners. This challenge can be completed with a lot of success if you take small steps and stay consistent. Pee pads can prove quite handy for this training because they can be used to attract the dog. Keep reading to know about the right way to potty train a puppy on pads and learn how fast it can be done.

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How Do You Attract a Dog to Pee on a Pad?

Bringing your pup to the pee pads can be a little challenging, especially for novice owners. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you to attract your dog to pee on the pads. The most useful among them are listed below.

  • The pads should be placed in a specified area and must be clearly visible to the puppy.
  • Make sure to place the pads in the same region every time. It will help the dog to understand that you want him/her to eliminate at that spot.
  • Choose the pads that you want to use and let your pup sniff them to get familiar. This introduction is vital for the success of the process because your puppy should be at ease with the pads.
  • Allow your puppy to walk on the pad and command them to “go potty” to develop their muscle memory.
  • Use multiple pads, in the beginning, to ensure that your dog can find the spot. Similarly, they will offer better absorption and will encourage your pooch to eliminate on them.

How Do You Train A 3-Month-Old Puppy to Pee on a Pad?

Brown terrier puppy sitting on a pee pad looking up over its head at the camera

Choosing the right pads for your puppy (according to his/her size) is the first step towards potty training. Once you have the pads, you must select an appropriate area for your dog’s bathroom and place the pads there. Then, allow your pooch to sniff the pads and become familiar with them. This will enable him/her to use them without any fear or reluctance. When all these things are done, you can start the following practical steps of the training.

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Make a Timetable for the Potty Routine

Close up of a time table chart

It is extremely important to observe your puppy and have a schedule for their potty breaks before training them. You will need to learn the behaviors that they exhibit before releasing themselves. For example, they can start sniffing the ground when they need to urinate or defecate. Similarly, a puppy will need to use the bathroom after eating, drinking, or getting up from sleep.

Learning these behaviors will help the owners to anticipate when their pup wants to go. Hence, they can place the pups on the pads and teach them the chosen command, like “go potty”.

Train Your Puppy to Go on the Pad

Black puppy peeing on a pee pad sitting on hard wood floors

Once you have the potty schedule for your puppy, you can take them to the pads at designated times. Say the command and wait for a few minutes (about 5 minutes). It can be useful to use a leash if you own a hyperactive pup that won’t stop moving.

If your puppy doesn’t urinate/defecate within 5 minutes, allow them to roam around for 20-30 minutes. After that, bring them back to the pads and try again. Repeating this exercise, again and again, will create an association in the mind of the pup about his/her bathroom. In most cases, puppies will learn where to go after a few weeks of repetition.

Provide Positive Reinforcement

Beagle sitting outdoors getting a treat from a human hand

Punishing your dog for accidents is never a good idea because it causes more harm than good. It will create a negative association in the mind of your dog and compromise the entire purpose of the training. On the other hand, rewarding your pup for good work can go a long way in teaching them good manners. This is exactly what you need to do to potty train a puppy on pads at a fast pace.

Praise your puppy for all the efforts and reward them with treats and appreciation whenever they pee/poop on pads. You can either appreciate the good work through words or give them a pat on the back. Likewise, giving them their favorite treats is another effective way of acknowledging their efforts. All these positive responses will urge your puppy to follow your commands.

Stay Consistent

White puppy sitting on a pee pad

Consistency is the key to success in any training because dogs are a creature of routine. Therefore, you must ensure that you are using the same pads and placing them in the same spot to get the desired results. Similarly, you must say the same command every time to avoid any confusion in your pup’s mind. You should also determine the times when your pooch likes to go and make sure that he/she is on the pads at that time.

How Long Does It Take to Potty Train a Puppy on Pads?

Stack of pee pads isolated on a white background

It takes at least 2 weeks to potty train your puppy on pads. However, most dogs will take longer than that and the training period will range between 4 and 8 weeks. The exact duration can vary from one dog to another and you shouldn’t worry if your pooch takes longer than 8 weeks. Just make sure that you stay consistent and show patience in case of accidents.  

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