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How to Stop a Puppy from Biting When Excited?

Jack Russell Terrier puppy biting a person's fingers

Puppies frequently bite, chew, and mouth on people’s hands, limbs, and clothing while they play with humans. You can prevent your puppy from biting while you find him excited in various ways. For example, remove temptations and take them somewhere quiet. You may also utilize material toys or chew rings. Keep reading to know why your puppy is biting when excited, and learn how you can control this behavior.

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Why Does My Puppy Get Excited and Bite Me?

Improving your dog’s fundamental training skills with cues like leave it, sit, remain, and down will be beneficial in redirecting them because aroused biting ultimately results from a lack of impulse control. After all, if your dog is in remain, they won’t be able to mouth you simultaneously.

Sometimes, the best course of action is to teach your dog strong alternatives to mouthy behavior. Understanding why a puppy is biting is the other method to stop it. Some of the reasons that make puppies bite are listed below.


White puppy sitting in grass chewing on a persons finger

Around the three-to-four-month period, your puppy may become mouthier since they are likely teething. Around six weeks, a puppy’s 28 tiny teeth begin to erupt. At three and a half to four months, teething starts, and it lasts until their permanent teeth erupt at six to seven months.

Expressing their Desire to Play

You’re not sure why your puppy leaps and bites when he’s thrilled. One possibility is that he’s in a playful mood. He displays his eagerness to play with you by biting you. He’s trying to let you know that he needs to play with you right now by doing this.

Chewing Temptation

Tan puppy biting pillow on couch

When your puppy bites you in surprise, it wants to gnaw on something. Puppies generally like chewing on various objects with their mouths moving. Now that he doesn’t have any chewable objects nearby, the temptation grows stronger. And if you are close to him, he will grab you to take advantage of the situation.


Your puppy yearns for some long-needed care. Therefore, he/she can feel neglected if you are unable to spend time with your furry companion because of work. Your dog will jump on you to let you know he’s there and that he needs some love and attention when he feels ignored. In light of this, if your puppy bites when he is enthusiastic, you must not have given him enough attention.


Yorkie peeking from behind a wall

Do not attempt to address your dog’s mouthing on your own if you have any reason to believe that they are biting out of fear. This aggressive behavior could be triggered by overstimulation and territorial or defensive fear. Make sure to seek out a behaviorist or trainer with certification who uses positive reinforcement methods.

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How Do You Discipline a Puppy for Biting?

It’s crucial to train your dog to control his mouthy behavior. There are several methods to impart this lesson, some of which are superior to others. The ultimate objective is to teach your dog to completely quit biting and mouthing people. The steps to correct a puppy for biting are listed below.

Redirect Biting

Black and tan puppy chewing a Kong

Have a selection of toys available so you may safely divert play biting. Try not to shriek or take your hands away if your puppy starts to mouth them since doing so will enrage them and make them want to play rougher. Animate a toy and let them play with that instead, gradually transferring onto it.

Use Stuff Toys

Playing tug together with your dog is a ton of fun, so don’t be scared to try it. Large soft toys are often the best since your puppy will have more surface area to bite into them and are less likely to unintentionally grasp your hands. To help dogs that are teething cope with their discomfort, give them chews or puppy teething rings.

Avoid Temptations

Blue eyes cattle dog puppy chewing a rope toy

Some pups may find loose garments, fluffy slippers, and dressing gown ties appealing, especially if they move as you move about the home. You might want to remove these temptations from your puppy for a brief period until he learns which fun toys can be used to play.

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How Long Does the Puppy Biting Stage Last?

Woman holding a boxer puppy while it tried to bit her hand

Most pups will eventually grow out of their mouthing or play-biting phase once they are between three and five months old. Consider it as something that, with proper management, will improve over a short period rather than something that must be completely avoided.

Puppies need our tolerance, support, and direction during this period to teach them that humans should be handled kindly, like very young children who go through many challenging stages as they mature.

Typically, they are acting in this way because they want to play and haven’t yet realized that it isn’t very entertaining for us. Because they often have energy, some pups, especially those from working breeds, appear to bite more or harder.

How Do You Know If a Puppy Is Overstimulated?

White Boston Terrier sitting on asphalt chewing a persons hand who is squatted beside it.

Puppies, like young toddlers, are prone to become overstimulated, which makes them overtired. When this occurs, individuals may subsequently display traits we may be inclined to label as “crazy.” However, it is essential to avoid anthropomorphizing a puppy and understand that the actions are more likely caused by being overstimulated and/or overtired than by the puppy being angry. Some of these actions could resemble Biting, Jumping, Barking, Leash Biting, Racing around, and pleading for attention.

Since dogs cannot express when they are overtired as people can, it is crucial to recognize some of these behaviors when they are displayed by your dog. Recognizing some of the “tells” may enable you to direct your puppy into a more tranquil setting where they can unwind and sleep.

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