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How To Stop Your Puppy from Digging

Puppy laying in the grass near a freshly dug whole.

Dogs love to dig. They may like to dig a hole and bury a bone or two. Or they may dig to cool off. On hot days dogs dig holes so they can cool their stomachs on the cool dirt. Dogs have a variety of reasons why they dig in your yard. Sometimes, they just want to make a break for it and get free.

Two good ways to stop your dog from digging up the yard is to one, give him or her more attention. Dogs like attention and they may be digging their holes to get it.

Two, give him or her more exercise. Once they get tired out, they won’t be interested in digging any holes in your yard.

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How To Stop Your Puppy from Digging in The Yard

You can start by telling your dog ‘No!’. It is one signal they should have learned when they were puppies. Find a way to get their attention, tell them no, then reward them if they obey.

Another method would be to provide your dog with plenty of shade or cool water. You can spray them with cold water or just put their doghouse under a shady tree. Or just bring him or her inside where it is cooler.

A third option would be to make some nice cold dog snacks. The kind that needs to be frozen in your freezer. That is one way to help your dog stay cool and keep them from digging

A fourth option is to build him his own sandbox or digging area. Make sure it is placed in a shady spot and the size can be 6 by 3 by 2 feet. Then let him see you bury his toy in the dirt so he gets the idea of where he can dig.

Finally, give him a treat inside of a toy. He will be more interested in getting the treat that he may not even think about digging.

How To Stop Your Puppy from Digging in The Water Bowl

Jack Russell Terrier looking on as their owner fills their water bowl

There are several reasons why your dog would dig in their water bowl.

1. They see their reflection at the bottom of the bowl. The way to stop this is to change their bowl to one that does not reflect images.

2. Your dog is hot, and this is the way for them to cool themselves off. To stop this, just bring them inside or feed them some nice cool treats. Or provide a wading pool for them to splash about in.

3. Your dog is bored. Digging into their water dish is a means to entertain themselves. Try to give your pet more exercise or play time to liven things up for them.

4. Your dog wants attention. This is one way they can get the positive attention they seek.

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How To Stop Your Puppy from Digging in The Carpet

Corgi puppy laying on a rug

There are many reasons for this behavior and some of the reasons are the same as the other digging episodes. They want attention, they have separation anxiety, or they are bored.

Sometimes dogs dig to make their bed, hide their toys, or search for food crumbs. They may just do it because it is fun for them. To protect your carpets from any destruction is to do the following:

1. Give Your Pet More Exercise– Dogs dig when they have too much energy and not enough excitement.

2. Give Them a Scratching Mat– This won’t stop the digging, but it will protect your carpets.

3. Send Them to Another Room– Preferably one without a carpet or a rug in it.

How To Stop Your Puppy from Digging into The Couch

Red puppy laying over the back of the couch

Many of the solutions to this problem are the same as are the reasons why your dog does this behavior. One solution is to give them different toys to play with. Ones that hold your dog’s interest.

Or give them more play time, exercise, or change their schedule a little bit. Also, you can train your dog to not get on the furniture. Only allow them to sleep in their beds and not on your favorite couch.

If your dog is pregnant, she may be nesting. In this case, give your dog her own bed and blankets to nest with.

Some Final Words

Golden retriever puppy sitting outdoors in grass

There are a variety of reasons why your dog will start digging. The key is not to give them the attention they want. Use some of the creative solutions above and spend more time with your pet either exercising them or playing with them.

It shouldn’t take that long to break your dog of his or her digging habits.

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