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How To Stop a Puppy from Chewing on Everything

Red puppy chewing a shoe outdoors

It is bound to happen. When you leave your pet home alone, some dogs will start chewing on everything. That is because that is how they deal with the separation anxiety they feel when you leave home without them.

Or your puppy is teething, and they need to chew to help them deal with the pain or discomfort. One way to stop your dog from chewing everything is to give them dog chew toys.

These special toys will take their attention off your expensive items and still give them something to chew.

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How To Stop a Puppy from Chewing Everything

There are some constructive steps you can take to help stop your dog from chewing on your things. It may take a little practice and time but before you know it, they will stop chewing and start acting normal again.

Stay Alert

Just like you would with a human baby who is curious about everything and decides to put things in their mouth, you need to watch your puppy and remove those items they should not be chewing on.

Puppy Proof Your Home

overhead view of 2 white terrier puppies sleeping on a dog bed

Just like babyproofing, put things out of reach of your puppy. Or put them away in a cupboard or cabinet your pup can’t open. Make sure you put those electrical cords out of their reach as well.

Anything your dog can choke on, put out of their reach.

Substitute Chew Toys

These can be safe chew toys, rawhide toys, or whatever is on the market that is made for dogs to chew on. Give those to him or her especially when they are chewing on one of your favorite shoes.

Gently take the item away and then entice them to grab the chew toy.

Use Redirection

This is part of the substitution option. Take away the item they are not supposed to be chewing on, then tell your dog ‘No!’. After that, give them the chew toy to chew on.

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Crate Train Your Dog

3 small puppies on a puppy pad in a crate

Whether this is humane or inhumane is up to you to decide. But often it is a good training tool when your puppy likes to chew on everything. You never know when your puppy might grow to like being in the crate.

It does provide a safe and secure spot for your dog to hang out.

Give Them More Play or Exercise Time

This helps burn off excess energy and makes sure your puppy is too tired to chew on anything. You will feel better too as you get more exercise when using this option.

Do Not Give Them Old Shoes, Etc., To Chew On

Your puppy will not be able to tell if the shoe is new or old. They just see a familiar object and will think it is okay to chew on it.

This goes for old socks and similar clothing items.

How To Stop a Puppy from Chewing on Your Hands

Boston Terrier puppy biting a persons hand

Chewing and putting things in their mouths is how a puppy understands the world around them. It is natural for them to chew on just about anything, including your hands.

The way to stop your puppy from chewing on your hands is to say ouch in a calm but loud voice and then remove your hand from their mouth. Stop playing with your puppy for a little bit so they associate that if they bite, the fun will stop.

When you are ready to play again, use a toy instead of your hand. Your crying out and the stoppage of playing should tell your puppy they went too far in their own play actions.

If you must, leave the room for a short time if the ouch technique did not or is not working. Just do not hit or yell at them when they do accidentally bite you. Use positive reinforcement, not a hand hit.

You want them to trust your hands and not be afraid of them.

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Some Final Words

Red puppy chewing a roll of toilet paper

It may be hard to stop your puppy from chewing on everything. But that is because chewing is natural to them. Plus, your puppy may be teething for the first 6 months and chewing helps relieve the pain and discomfort that comes with teething.

Just try some of the strategies above to help train your dog in what they can and cannot chew on. Or just put everything out of their reach so they are not tempted to chew.

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