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How To Induce Vomiting in A Puppy

Cocker spaniel puppy being examined by a vet

Puppies and dogs eat everything. If dogs had a flaw, this would be it. They tend to put just about anything in their mouths if you do not stop them. This is risky to let them as your puppy or dog can lick up coolant or some other dangerous item and harm themselves.

When you induce vomiting depends on the instructions your vet gives you. But you want to do it as close to when they ate the foreign object as possible. That will help protect them from any harmful elements in the object.

How can you induce vomiting? Use up to 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide depending on the size of your dog. Smaller dogs get less.

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How To Induce Vomiting in Your Puppy

You have to be careful when you do this as it can be a bit risky for your dog. But if you are careful and follow your vet’s advice then you should be okay. Here are some steps for you to follow to do this activity safely.

Step 1. Give your pet a small treat or two- This will help make the vomiting easier on your pet.

Step 2. For every 5 pounds, your dog weighs, measure out 1 tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide. No more than 3 tablespoons per dog up to 45 pounds. Put the hydrogen peroxide in a container, as you will need to use a syringe to administer the peroxide.

Step 3. Use the syringe to pull the peroxide inside its chamber. Then open your dog’s mouth and spray the peroxide on the back of its throat. You need to do this quickly so your dog does not spit out the fluid.

Step 4. Sit there and wait for about 20 minutes. If no vomiting has taken place in that time, then repeat the process. Do not do this a third time if no vomiting occurs. Take your dog to the vet and see what is wrong.

Step 5. If your dog does vomit at the first or second application, then collect it in a plastic bag, clean up the leftover mess and transport the vomit and your dog to the vet.

Your job is done once you get to the vet, and you can let the professionals take over at that point.

When Not to Induce Vomiting

Brown, tan and white puppy being cradled in a person's arms

This is very important, as well, as there are objects and poisons that are as dangerous on the way up as they are on the way down. When your dog swallows sharp objects like pins, needles, tacks, glass, and similar objects, inducing vomiting is more dangerous than leaving those items in its stomach.

Also, do not wait for those items to pass. They are sharp and can internally harm your pet. These items need to be surgically removed by a skilled professional.

Then do not induce vomiting when your dog has swallowed a battery, alkali liquids, acids, motor oil, gas, a toxic plant, and so on. Instead, you just need to call your vet or poison control to get the right advice on what action you should take.

Inducing vomiting at the wrong time and with the wrong objects in your dog’s stomach can cause them more harm than if you left everything alone and took your dog to the vet.

You may have to pay more money but that is better than losing or injuring your dog.

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Other Instances When You Should Not Induce Vomiting

puppy with eyes closed on a metal exam table

Inducing vomiting should be done under a vet’s instructions. There are some breeds, like the Pug or Pekinese, because it can cause aspiration pneumonia. Your dog’s breed will tell you if it is safe to do this step or not.

Also, if the time between the swallowing and you notice the problem is 6 hours or more, it is probably too late to induce vomiting. Going to your vet may be the only solution.

Finally, if your dog is lethargic or comatose, then do not induce vomiting. Nor do it when he is having seizures. These are very dangerous for your dog situations. Other situations to not induce vomiting are:

  •     Already vomiting
  •     Decreased swallowing ability.
  •     Difficulty breathing.
  •     Hyperactive activity.
  •     Recent abdominal surgery or megaesophagus
  •     Consumed corrosive agents, sharp objects, or drugs.

Some Final Words

Golden retriever puppy being examined by a vet

Inducing vomiting should be done under a vet’s instruction. However, if that is not a possibility, then the safest item you can use is 3% hydrogen peroxide. This liquid is an irritant that usually works within 10 to 15 minutes and can last up to 45 minutes.

Some dog owners get up to 50% of the ingested items back this way. Just be careful when you do this.

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