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The Best Alternative to Crate Training at Night

Close up of an empty dog crate

Having your pet do their business in your home is not a healthy situation. Nor is it a happy one. While South Koreans train their dogs to potty in their bathrooms, this is not for everyone either.

Many dog owners use crates to train their new pets, but this is not something everyone likes to do. There are alternatives to crate training. All you have to do to find out about those alternatives is to continue reading.

Some of those options may be better for your living situation. Check them out if you are not a fan of crate training.

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Alternatives To Crate Training Overnight

Pit bull terrier puppy laying in the bottom of a crate

House training does not happen overnight. As much as one would love to see that happen, it does take time to train your pet to go outside no matter which method you use. Here are some top alternatives you can use instead of resorting to a crate.

Fence Gates

These little tools can be a great help to every dog owner. Not only do they help you train your pet, they limit access to your home. That cuts down on accidents in the house.

Just set them up in key areas, make sure they are secured and let your dog have a little freedom during their time behind those obstacles. It will take some time, but your dog will get the idea where they are to go potty.

Playpens Or Exercise Pens

Dog play pen with a dog bed, dog food bowls, and toys

Not as spacious as using fence gates but more spacious than crates. These nice alternatives give your pet a little more room and comfort.

Plus, they are handy as you can set them up in your home, basement, garage, or even outside. You can train them while you are doing your gardening or watching your favorite morning shows. There is a lot of flexibility here.

Check out our post “Our Favorite DIY PVC Dog Pen” for ideas on how to make homemade playpens for your pup.

Put Them Outside

If you do not want to take time with a fence gate, playpen, or even a crate, just let your dog be outside in your fenced yard. There is plenty of room for them to run and they can go potty at their leisure.

Just make sure they know where their bathroom area is first. This will avoid all accidents unless you bring them in at night. Then you would have to keep an eye on them.

Tether Training

Chocolate labrador retriever on a tether attached to a woman in pink boots

The equipment you need for this method can be found at pet stores. All this method does is have you and your dog connected at your waist. This may be awkward for you until you get used to it, but it is one way to catch accidents before they take place.

When your dog needs to go to the bathroom, you just walk outside with him or her and take them to the spot you have selected for them to use.

Let Someone Else Do It for You

It is a fine method to use if you have the money to pay someone to watch your dog and train them to go outside. You get all the benefits, and the dog watcher does all the work.

It is a nice arrangement if it works out for you. The dog watcher will make sure your dog goes potty where you want them to and once trained, you get to take over. When you have a busy schedule, this is a very good alternative to crate training.

Supervise Your Pet at All Times

Woman snuggling with her dog on a couch

This is where your whole family can join in on the fun. Many dog owners do not like to restrict their pets so crate training and other methods won’t do it for them.

If it is possible, make sure you, your spouse, and your children take turns watching your pet. Also, they all need to use the same command, so your pet does not become confused.

Not Overnight

Woman sleeping in bed with a dog

There are other methods you can use but as we said earlier, potty training takes time. This is not going to be developed in one night. Even crate training can take a few days to a few weeks to get the right results.

The trick is to be patient and gentle with your puppy. They are trying to learn so that they please you.

Some Final Words

Beagle laying in the bottom of an open dog crate

When you get a new puppy, make sure you pick the right training methods. The proper training helps your pet know how to please you without sacrificing freedom etc.

You want to make sure the training method you pick is safe for your dog and one they can easily learn. Crate training is not for every dog owner and to some dog owners, it can be a cruel method to use.

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