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What is Crate Training for Dogs?

Boston terrier puppy standing in front of a dog crate

It is an important tool. Not all dogs are well-behaved when left on their own. That is why many vets, pet owners, etc., recommend crate training. This is a method where you lock your dog in a cage while you are not at home.

This keeps your pet safe, prevents possible damage to your household items, and prepares your pet for travel. It is also a house-training method where your dog learns quickly where they are to go to the bathroom.

Not everyone is on board with this method and those against it certainly do not like those pet owners who use it.

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Is Crate Training Necessary?

This depends on which side of the fence you are on. There is no 100% consensus about this training method as some owners find it necessary while others find it to be cruel.

Those pet owners against this method think it is a lazy way to train their pets as some pet owners just do not want to take the time to train their dog or dogs correctly.

Those in favor of this method of training find it necessary for several reasons:

  • It keeps your dog safe- dogs have a habit of snooping in dangerous places and keeping your pet in a crate protects them from injury.
  • It is good for damage protection- how many videos have been placed on YouTube showing what dogs can do when they are left home alone? The damage they incur is costly at times and crate training avoids that problem and expense
  • Your dog gets a space of their own- this helps them feel safe and secure when they are alone.
  • Can help with house training- it is not a perfect system but using a crate to train your pet helps prevent indoor accidents on your new carpet or nicely washed floor. If your pet is small or young, this is not always a great method as their bladders, etc., are too small for long hours in a crate.

Why Is Crate Training Important?

Close up of a brown and white puppy in a dog crate

One reason is that your home may be filled with expensive knick-knacks, lamps, or other items. When a dog is left alone and gets angry, it can break a lot of expensive as well as inexpensive items. The latter items add up making them expensive damage to repair or replace.

Or you just get tired of cleaning up after your dog when they reached their limit and could not hold their waste any longer. Dog messes can ruin carpets, furniture, and floors with the odor and the acid contained in their waste.

Keeping those items clean spares, you the added expense of cleaning them before they are due to be cleaned. Another reason crate training is important is their safety.

Dogs can get into a lot of trouble when you are not home. That includes accidentally hurting themselves by pulling on a computer cord, television cord, and so on. Placing your dog in a crate while you are away is one option to protect your dog from hurting itself.

Finally, you get a little peace of mind when you use crate training as a training method. You know where your dog is so you do not have to worry about him or her while you are at work or wherever you go during the day.

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Choosing the Right Crate for Your Dog

Dog crate isolated on a white background

The type and size of the crate you buy will depend on one major factor. The size of your dog. Your purchase decision does not go by weight as some smaller breeds weigh as much as some taller breeds.

The two cannot fit into the same crate. The criteria to follow is to look at the size of your dog and find a crate that is large enough for them to:

  • Stand up easily in (they need some headroom)
  • Turn around in
  • Lie down comfortably
  • Room for their food and water dish

If the crates you see do not match these criteria, then you need to pass on them as your dog will not enjoy its time inside of them. Make sure those criteria can be met after you put a nice pillow or pad inside for their comfort.

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Some Final Words

Boxer mix puppy in a dog crate

Crate training is a controversial method of getting your dog trained right. Some dog owners love this method while others think it is bad for your pet. You will have to make up your own mind as it has been used successfully without any negative issues.

When you opt for this method, the key is to make sure you get the right-sized crate for your specific dog breed.

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