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What To Do When My Puppy Is Crying During Crate Training?

Brown lab puppy laying on a dog bed

This is normal behavior. When you try to crate train your new puppy or puppies, one of the things you need to get used to is their crying or whining. This behavior is normal, and it usually means that your puppy is sad, lonely, and wants some attention.

If this behavior continues, your pet may be suffering from some sort of anxiety, and you should talk to your vet about your pup’s harmful escape attempts. To find out how to tackle the whining, just continue reading. There are plenty of tips, etc., to help you handle this problem.

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Should You Let Your Puppy Cry in Their Crate?

Yes, and one reason is they need to learn that they are not always going to get what they want when they whine. You should let the puppy calm down first before letting them out. That will teach them the right lessons.

One thing you should not do is try to crate-train your puppy when you are in a bad mood. You may not be able to handle the whining and react badly towards him or her. Keep in mind, the puppy is merely expressing their feelings and not trying to bug you.

If you use a crate, do not keep your pet inside past the allotted time. Ask your vet for the right amount of time as it differs between dogs and dog breeds.

Tips on What to Do When Your Puppy Whines in Its Crate

Boston terrier laying in a dog bed in a dog crate with dog toys

Make The Crate Interesting

Don’t just lock the pup inside and forget about him or her. Add some toys for them to play with or if they are going through teething, give them something to chew on.

Some of those toys can be filled with their favorite treat. That will give them a reward for being good inside their crate.

Make The Crate Comfortable

Don’t just give them a thin pad or pillow. You would not like that if that is all you had to sleep on. Give them a pad or pillow that is thick enough for them to be comfortable and relaxed.

If it is colder inside your home, add a blanket or a heating pad to help them keep warm.

Place the Crate in The Right Location

Pug in a dog crate

Dogs like being with their masters and placing the crate in a cold, dark, and damp room that isolates your pet from everyone, which is not good.

Place the crate near your bed at night or place it in a nice room where they won’t feel abandoned.

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Spend Time with Your Puppy

Before you put him or her inside their crate, take them for a walk or play with them. This exercise will help tire them out. When you put them in their crate, they should lie down calmly and go to sleep for a bit. That should help stop the whining.

Add A Crate Cover

Your dog may not like the exposed feeling it gets when all sides of the crate are see-through. Add a cover to give him or her some privacy and a feeling of safety.

The cover does not have to be expensive or elaborate. It can be a simple blanket that covers all sides except for the front gate.

Add Some Music

Small radio on a wooden table against a teal green wall

Soft, calm music is one way to calm a dog down and get them to fall asleep. You may not be there all the time for them, but you can leave a radio on tuned to a classical station, etc.

Soft music helps calm their fears and makes your puppy relax.

Pick The Right-Sized Cage

They may whine because the cage is too small for them, and they are not comfortable. Or they may be getting hurt since they can’t move freely, stand up straight or turn around without hitting themselves.

Picking the right crate helps your puppy relax as they know they have plenty of room.

Crate Training Mistakes

Brindle puppy sitting outside of a dog crate on hard wood floors

This method is not without its faults. Here are 4mistakes you can make when you choose this training method for your pet:

  • Starting Too Early– Puppies need a few weeks to get used to their new surroundings as well as be able to bond with you. After a few weeks, you can crate-train them.
  • Not Creating A Crate Training Schedule– If you just lock them up, this can have an adverse impact on your dog. Create a schedule and stick to it so your dog does not get stressed.
  • Pick The Wrong-Sized Crate- Small crates only work for tiny dogs. You need larger more roomier crates for large dog breeds.
  • It Is Used as A Punishment Tool- The crate is for training, not discipline. Pick some other form of punishment when your dog disobeys.

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Some Final Words

Brown , tan, and black dog sleeping in an open crate

Dogs will whine when they are separated from their families. The best thing to do when it is a normal whine is to not react right away. Wait till they stop whining then go get your pet.

Just be careful some of those whines are for legitimate reasons. Make sure you can tell the difference.

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